Top tips for Festival camping success!

Port Fairy is transformed into a beautiful sea of tents each year for the annual Folk Festival. It’s part of the tradition and the ‘Folkie’ experience!

Here are our top tips for making the most of your tent time:


  1. Test your gear before you leave.
    If you’ve borrowed a tent or have just bought one, we suggest setting it up at home to ensure all the poles and pegs are there and that you know how to pack it all away again.
  2. Camping with other folk? Share a car ride to Port Fairy to make parking easier.
  3. Keep well watered! Whilst it’s fine to drink, not everybody loves the flavour of Port Fairy’s mineral-rich water, so you might like to bring your own supplies.
  4. Although we think autumn is the most beautiful time of year in Port Fairy, the weather can be unpredictable. So remember the sunscreen and hat, as well as warm bedding and clothing. You might even like to throw in an emergency rain poncho or two. Just in case.
  5. Mosquito repellent is a must! Just like us, the mozzies love our aquatic environment.
  6. Take good lighting. Handy for cooking at night or just navigating your way to the loo in the wee hours!
  7. Handy things to pack:
    1. Nylon rope – great for tent support or hanging wet clothes
    2. Hammer or mallet for hammering pegs
    3. Duct tape – fixes just about anything!
    4. Brush for sweeping out your tent when packing up
    5. First-aid kit – just in case.
  8. Be considerate of others. Impromptu campsite jam sessions and singalongs are part of the Folkie spirit. But please respect your camping neighbours.
  9. Book early! The sooner you can secure your campsite, the better.

But if packing all the gear and setting up your own campsite all seems a bit hard, you might be interested in our Tent City! Stay tuned for more information in a future blog post. We can’t wait to see you in March 2018! (Remember, Early Bird tickets are still available until December 8!)