Ticket Releases 2016

The Sea Shells Ticket ReleasesAre Sold Out

The “Sea Shells” ticket releases, named after local sea-shells are on sale. Each release will be available only until sold out. The ticket releases and price details are shown in the table below.

Ticket Swap Service

The Ticket Swap Service will be opened as free service when the festival is sold out. Registering your interest in tickets does not guarantee that we will find a ticket seller, but does guarantee that your tickets will be valid for entry. For ticket sellers – the system puts tickets on sale but does not guarantee they will be sold. But if sold the originals become void.

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Youth (13-17):  Port Fairy is the ultimate music festival to share with family and friends. We encourage all ages to come along and enjoy the concerts and workshops for children, youth and in fact all ages. Youth tickets are for 13 years to 17 years as at March 11th, 2016 and must be pre-purchased by their accompanying adults. Tickets may not be available for purchase at the event.

Children (12 & under) are Free:  Children 12 and under are free when accompanying parents. We hope this helps make it even easier to bring the young family to enjoy our Children’s Folk Circus, Buskers, Street Invaders at the Flag Circle and more.

Book Online Here: Are Sold Out

The Shells of the Oceans

shells 400

Pics: (L to R):  Scallop Shell  |  Cowry Shell  |  Cone Shell  |  Harp Shell  |  Abalone Shell 

Over the last two years we have named the tickets releases after some of the amazing elements of the exquisite natural environment of this beautiful region – coastal birds – fish – and now, sea shells.   Shellfish can be divided into three classes:

Polyplacaphora – commonly called chitons, a group of animals covered with eight plates
Gastropods – shellfish with a single, generally spiral shell, sometimes closed with a shelly “door” known as an operculum
Bivalves – shellfish having two shells e.g mussels,oysters, pipis.

Ticket Help

Phone Box Office:  03 5568 2227 (hours: 10 – 2pm from September)

Ticket Price:   Again this year we will not add on charges for credit cards or service charges. Very early bird subscribers offer includes a free program. The online booking service does apply a low 30 cent booking fee per ticket.

Mail Booking:   A mail booking will require a processing & postage fee of $5.  (Not yet available)

Mail List:   New ticket buyers are added to our mail subscriber list for E•News and Ticket News. We will also message via Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook & Twitter:   You can sign up and join all the festival fans – find sign up buttons on this site.

Print E-Ticket:   When you book online you can print your own tickets. Call the Box Office if help is needed.

Ticket Terms & Conditions:  Click Here

Ticket Questions & Answers – FAQ:  Click Here

Ticket Exchange Centre:   This is where your “paper tickets” must be exchanged for a “wrist band pass”. The Ticket Exchange centre will be located just outside the Festival site in Campbell Street, Port Fairy.

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Subscriber Tickets Release • The first “early bird” release is to Registered Subscribers who are sent an eNews with subscriber-only booking details. Tickets opened for sale (until sold out) to subscribers on September 21st (2015)  via links from the eNews of September 14th and 20th 2015

Registered Subscribers •  You will be a registered subscriber: 1) If you receive the E•news to your preferred email.  2) If you have registered for E•news in last three years.  3) If you register for e•News via the “sign-up” form on this web site.  4) If you have purchased tickets online over the past five festivals, 2011 – 15.  (If someone else purchased tickets for you via a different email you would not automatically be registered.)

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