Shane Howard

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For 40 years Shane Howard has established himself as one of Australia’s most influential writers and singers. Howard’s songs created a new map of Australia. From the red heart, where he penned his anthemic Solid Rock, to the wilds of Tasmania that gave birth to Let the Franklin Flow, he’s created a uniquely Australian voice. His songs dig down into what it means to be a modern Australian. They also reach across the globe and champion the cause of the common people, the environment and the injustices of colonisation. Dark Matter, his 14th solo album, continues to plumb the depths, and will be launched at the 2020 festival.

Shane Howard

Just like the sky and waters of the Great Southern Ocean, where Shane Howard was raised and resides, ‘Deeper South’ in concert, features songs full of music and poetry that are deep and dark yet illuminated by great shafts of light.

In the Summer, the winds can blow hard, hot and dusty from the Central Australian deserts to the North.

But for most of the year the rain sodden clouds blow and howl unpredictably into his windswept coastal homeland, blue-grey and brooding, full of drama and sudden changes, from Antarctica to the South.

Don’t miss this musical postcard  from ‘the edge of the world’ – the unique southern coast of Australia, performed and written by one of Australia’s most loved singers and songwriters Shane Howard joined by John Hudson and Ewen Baker.