Niq Reefman

Saturday | Sunday

NIQ is not normal. NIQ is not mainstream. If you don’t like surprises, you should probably leave now… Since taking human form, he has chased the magic and dodged the mundane. An experimentalist since the beginning, NIQ lives by the mantra that he will try almost anything at least once. NIQ had an alternative upbringing, home-schooled with five siblings and spoon-fed classical radio by a hippy piano-teaching matriarch, he found his calling when encountering the local trumpeter perform at church. From here, you can expect anything. Experience NIQ’s street-performing magic at the Port Fairy Folk Festival in March.

Aussie Artsong – Banjo Patterson edition
A selection of lesser-known works of Andrew Barton “Banjo” Paterson put to original music that convey the character of each work. Wrapped in luxurious melodies and instrumentation, the show is delivered in a speakeasy style, pairing catchy tunes with biographical stories.

Gizmo Guy
Follow the gypsy who plays trumpet & accordion on the streets. Try one of the musical gizmos from his box and learn how to jam (improvise) without even knowing it!