Christine Collister & Michael Fix



Join Christine Collister and Michael Fix for an extraordinary concert of great music presented by two world class performers, as they take you through a fabulous journey of powerful songs taken from Classical/Blues/Jazz/Country/Rock and Folk – each song charged with powerful emotion. Be prepared to be mesmerised by the astonishing combination of their talent, experience and natural stage presence as they skilfully move through the whole gamut of human emotion. They promise to have you crying, laughing and tapping your toes in equal measure and will leave you feeling totally up-lifted and full of hope!

However, this is not a duo that tries to one up each other, they have their solo moments, but they really do play like a well-oiled machine, perfectly complementing each other’s talents.

Collister-Fix were the highlight of the Glen Innes Celtic Festival, which is not only my opinion but that of many of the people I spoke with afterwards that witnessed tonights show.” Glen Innes Examiner 2016