Burke & Wills: The Expedition By Ashley Davies



Ashley Davies is regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative and finest drummer/composers. In 2015 Davies recorded BURKE AND WILLS: THE EXPEDITION. Musically it reinforces Davies as one of the country’s great talents,” but it is more than that. His commitment to bring one of Australia’s most epic tales of triumph and ultimate defeat to the fore via his music is exciting and commendable.

The creative license is with the music only. The narrative written by Australia’s foremost Burke & Wills scholar Dave Phoenix, President of the Burke and Wills Society, upholds the highest historic integrity. The music combined with the narrative makes Burke & Wills: The Expedition a significant independent project. “What an epic airing of this brave Australian tragedy! Ash Davies’s dynamic instrumentals truly do justice to the peaks and troughs of Burke and Wills’ journey.” Henry Wagons. Davies then went on to produce the live show, which combines Davies music score with archival and contemporary images and narratives recorded by Henry Wagons, and features Shannon Bourne, Jeb Cardwell, Monique Dimattina, Michelle Lewit and Jack Howard.