All Past Acts 1977 – 2015

Acts • Port Fairy Folk MUSIC Festival – 1977 to 2016

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There are around 3500 acts that have been booked, programmed and played at Port Fairy since 1977. No-one has actually counted all of them! Many Street Performers and workshop acts have not been listed here.

December 2 – 4th 1977

Declan Affley, Tipplers All, Poteen, Nick Mercer, Bush Turkey, Flying Pieman and many more


December 1 – 3rd 1978

Declan Affley, Buckley’s Bush Band, John MacAuslan, Poteen, Rum Buggery and The Lash


December 7 – 9th 1979

Redgum, Finnegans Wake, Poteen, Mick and Helen Flanagan, Tim O’Brien and Captain Moonlight, Buckley’s Bush Band, Paddy McGinty’s Pigs, Flying Pieman.


March 7 – 10th 1980

International: Banish Misfortune (Iceland)

National The Bushwackers, Eric Bogle, Paradiddle, Moving Cloud, Poteen, The Sundowners, Buckley’s Bush Band, Banish Misfortune, Tim O’Brien, Gordon McIntyre and Kate Delaney, Rick E Vengeance, Seamus Gill, Shirley Power, Freshwater Yabbies


March 6 – 9th 1981

International: Alistair Anderson (UK), Dave Burland (UK)

National: Eric Bogle, Declan Affley, Tim O’Brien, Paradiddle, Captain Moonlight, Yasmine and the Tealeaves, Bush Telegraph, Blackwood, Ted Simpson, Danny Spooner, Lynne Muir, Andrew Gibson, Shirley Power, Richard Leitch, Peter Anderson


March 5 – 8th 1982

International: Boys of the Lough (Scotland)

National: Dave De Hugard, Gordon Mcintyre & Kate Delaney, Paul Wookey, Jan Wositsky, Danny Spooner, Yasmine and the Tealeaves, Phyl Lobl, Irish National Pipe Band, Ian Paulin, Captain Moonlight, Rick E. Vengeance, Tim O’Brien, Muddy Creek Bush Band, Tam O’Shanter, Shirley Power, Raymond Ayres, Bruce McClure, Five N’ A Zac


March 11 – 14th 1983

International: Martyn Wyndham-Read (UK)

National: Sirocco, Judy Small, Eric Bogle, Danny Spooner, Tansy’s Fancy, Facial Expressions, Chris Duffy and John Kane, Tim O’Brien, Ian Paulin, Poteen, Tinkers and Taylors, Vengeance Bush Band, Jan Wositzky, Fay White, Lisa Young


March 9 – 12th 1984

International: Boys of the Lough (Scotland)

National: Abominable Snow Band, Acacia Trio, Boys of The Lough, Barefoot Nellie, John Beavis, Ted Egan , Captain Moonlight, Bernard Carney, Elizabeth Cohen, Christy Cooney, Alfirio Cristaldo, John Crowl, Dave Diprose, Five N’ A Zak, Fruitcake of Australian Stories, Stan Gottschalk, Rose Harvey, Greg Hastings, High Time String Band, Richard Keame, Jindivick, Stephen Jones, Sebastian Jorgensen, Tony Kishawi, Jamie Lawrence, Di McNicol, Malarkey, Muddy Creek Bush Band, The New Dancehall Racketeers, Tom Nicholson, Trevor Pickles, Shades of Troopers Creek, Gary Shields, Judy Small, Danny Spooner, Shenanigans, Sirocco, Tara, Mike O’Rourke, Tam O Shanter, Tim O’ Brien, Ian Paulin, Pibroch, Shirley Power, Cathy O’Sullivan and Cleis Pearce, Poteen, Tansey’s Fancy, Rick E Vengeance, Lisa Young Trio, Kel Watkins, Tim Whelan, Fay White, Stephen Whiteside, Witchwood, Geoff Woof, Yabbies


March 8 – 11th 1985

International:  Boys of the Lough (Scotland), Jean Redpath (Scotland), John Hammond (USA), Bob Jones (USA), Martyn Wyndham-Read (UK),

National: Cobbers, Danny Spooner, Ted Egan, Jan Wositzky, Bush Turkey, Wedderburn Oldtimers, Mike and Michelle Jackson, Flying Emus Country Express, Tim Whelan and more


March 7 – 10th 1986

International: Bill Russell (USA)

National: Eric Bogle, Bush Bandicoots, Bush Turkey, The Bushwackers, Bernard Carney, Cliff Gunther, Christy Cooney, Country Express, Ray Daniels, Dave Diprose, Lee Dixon, Chris Duffy, Emu Creek, Eureka, Flying Emus, Fourpence Ha’penny, Paul Hemphill, Idi Amins Ensemble, Jacksons, Richard Leitch, Phyl Lobl, John MacAuslan and Joe Paolacci, Gerry McEwan, Gordon McIntyre and Kate Delaney, Keith McKenry, Di McNicol, Rab Mitchell, John Munro, Paradiddle, Ian Paulin, Paolacci, Lavin & Dwyer, Poteen, Power Pickles & Curry, Tony O’Rourke & Kevin Purcell, Raglan Road, Margret RoadKnight, Peter Roberts, Shades of Troopers Creek, Shenanigans, Sirocco, Macca Smythe, Danny Spooner, The Snownband, Denis & Lynne Tracey, Vengeance Dance Band, Rick E Vengeance, Kel Watkins, Wild Turkey, Dennis Wilde, Tim Whelan, Fay White, Stephen Whiteside, Womenfolk, Yabbies, Lisa Young & Matthew Arnold, Yuri The Storyteller


March 6 – 9th 1987

International: Aoife Clancy (Ireland), Dougie MacLean (Scotland), Rua (Scotland/NZ)

National:  Acapella Stella, Peter Anderson, Black Velvet Band, Blue Mountain String Band, Bernard Bolan, The Brew Band, Diamantina Dance Band, Churinga, Lynn Clark, Mark Divola Trio, Joe Dolce, Rhyll Evans, Fine Fettle, Havoc of Finn, Alex and Annette Hood, Shane & Marcia Howard, Rose Bygraves & Joe Geia, Peter Huf, Richard Keame, The Kelly Gang, Kominos, Eileen Loughnane, The Lunacy Quartette, Dominic McAlinden, Faye McAlinden, John MacAuslan, Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney, Di McNicol, The Moonee Valley Drifters, Billy & Michael Moran, John & Liz Munro, Bernice O’Leary, Brent Parlane, Peter Paul & Petrie, Pibroch, Shirley Power, Raglan Road, Rank Strangers, Gill Rees, Margret RoadKnight, The Ryegrass Staggers, Brian Sager, Shades of Troopers Creek, Barry Simpson, Skewiff, Judy Small, Danny Spooner, Colin Towns, Tracey Munro Tracey, Tullamore Dew, The Varmints, Rick E Vengeance, Kel Watkins, Wedderburn Oldtimers, Tim Whelan, Witchwood, Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, John Williamson, Louisa & Scott Wise, Fay White, Geoff Woof, Jan Wositzky, Zingara


March 11 – 14th 1988

International: John McCutcheon (USA), Leon Rosselson (UK), Frankie Armstrong (UK), Martyn Wyndham-Read (UK), Christine Lavin (USA), Stephen Cooney & James Begley (Ireland)

National: Apodimi Compania, Ballywho Company, Briagalong, John Broomhall, John & Caroline Bushby, Bushwahzee, John Butler, Rose Bygrave, Captain Accordion Band, Conway Brothers, Country Express, Diamantina Band, Ernie Dingo, Ted Egan, June Factor, Ken Ferguson, Fruit Fly Trainers, The Gaels, Joe Geia, Barry Gration, Christine Lavin, Luna C, Terry McKenna, Mangrove Jack, Mara, Rocky Marshall, Middar Aboriginal Theatre Group, Roger Montgomery, Dobe Newton, Brent Parlane, Ian Paulin, Rank Strangers,  Judy Small, Danny Spooner, Squeezbox, Tara, Thami, Denis & Lynne Tracey, Rick E Vengeance, Geoffrey Waile, Bruce & Jill Watson, Tim Whelan, Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, Jan Wositzky


March 10 – 13th 1989

International: Martin Carthy (UK), Skylark, Barleycorn (Ireland), Rua (Scotland),

National:  Eric Bogle, Gondwanaland, Maurie Fields, Margret RoadKnight, Ross Ryan, Ted Egan, John Williamson, Flying Emus, Danny Spooner, Conway Hiccups Orchestra, Colcannon, The Fish John West Reject, Gilpin Street, Nakisa, Backsliders, Boola Boola Big Band, Bush Turkey, Blind Man’s Holiday, Diamantina Dance Band, Dutch Tilders, Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, Eureka, Full Circle, Lurhs & Crawford, Manic Mothers, Mojos Blues Band, Shenanigans, Backsliders, The Purple Dentists, Rezeda, Gary Dawson, Meandu, Bombarde, Mike Jackson & Ian Blake, Paul Wookey, World Geese, Brent Parlane, Greg Champion, Music Deli Live, Margaret Walters, Bruce Watson, Fay White, Tim Whelan, Val Wilson, Christopher Wood, Zydeco Jump and more.


March 9 – 12th 1990

International: David Essig (Canada), Hancock & Gilmore (USA), Gregson & Collister (UK), The Liberties, Aoife Clancy

National: Leroy Come Home, Dennis O’Keeffe, Lynne & Denis Tracey, Diamantina Dance Band, Brian Quinn, Bruce Watson, Shenanigans, Rob Fairbairn, Boogie Two Shoes, High Times String Band, Anne Barby, Mike Jackson & Ian Blake, Jugularity, Haravicu, Matt Walker, Full Circle, Adrian Rawlins, Shirley Power, Sheanachie, Ross Ryan, Twankydillo, Wedderburn Oldtimers, Kim Dunphy, Raymond Ayres Dancers, Apodimi Compania, Eureka Rebels, Brian Grayson, The Mills Sisters, Marvin Lorne, Big Loui’s Doin’ Time, Vince Brophy, Cantaros, Jean Paul Bell, Blackberry Jam, Whirling Furphies, Jan Wositzky, Ted Egan, Colcannon, Melbourne Guitar Ensemble, Claymore, Luhrs & Crawford, Peter Anderson, Zydeco Jump, Don Cowling, Tallow, Pickin’ at the Piggery, Etienne De Lavaulx, Joe Dolce, Guitars in Duo, Salvation Jane, Phil Day, Ragamuffin, Romany Soup, Judy Small, Mic Conway’s Whoopee Band, Danny Spooner, Alistair Hulett, Blues Fin Tuner, Backsliders, Sweet Atmosphere, Jack’s Alive, Keith Glass & The Tumblers, Trevor Knight, Rank Strangers, Roaring Forties, Michael McGregor, Bush Turkey, Roaring Jack, The Bushwackers, Adrian Verringer, Enda Kenny, Once Romoved, Dixie Does Bluegrass, All Among the Wool, Jim Conway, Gordon Bawden, John Munro, Greg Scott, Margaret Walters, Rob Doole, The Fratellini Bros, Mowbray College Bellringers, The Colonial Dancers


March 8 – 11th 1991

International: Tom Paxton (USA),  Roy Bailey (UK), Martin Nolan (Ireland)

National: Judy Small, Mike McClellan, Jimmy Young , Backsliders , Trevor Knight, Greg Champion, Archie Roach, John-Paul Bell , Salvation Jane, Kev Carmody , Redgum, Musiki Manjaro, Joe Dolce, Jan Wositzky, Reel Tradition, Denis & Lynne Tracey, Jugularity, Danny Spooner, The Emigrants, Zingara, Matt Walker, Boogie Two Shoes, The Fenians, Two Bloody Poets, Finn Castle Mill, Lindsay Buckland, Fratellini Brothers, Mooney Valley Drifters, Steve & Ros Barnes, Tunari, Melbourne Guitar Ensemble, Anne Barby, Brent Parlane & Guitar Army, Claymore, Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney , Brian Quinn, Piping Hot, Dirty Hanks, O’Keefe Slide, The Band Who Knew Too Much, Apodimi Compania, The High Notes, Jim Haynes, John Spillane, Mick Kennedy, Warrnambool Pipe Band, John Beavis & Di McNicol, Blues Fin Tuner, Cajun Cowboys, Full Circle, The Mills Sisters, Adrian Verrinder, Billy T & The Gum Leaf Kid, Hokum Gals, Chris Fisher, Ross Mueller, Marvin Lorne, Shenanigans, Bruce Watson, The Mojos Blues Band, Robbies’One Man Band, Sheila Tickner, Tex Alchin & Boola Boola, Weddings Parties Anything


March 6 – 9th 1992

International: John McCutcheon (USA), Simon O’Dwyer (Ireland), Peggy Seeger & Irene Scott (UK), Andy Irvine (Ireland), Abdul Fee Jay (Sierra Leone), Colin Hay (USA), Martyn Wyndham-Read (UK), Battlefield Band (Scotland)

National: Sile na Gig, Danny Spooner, Hot Tamale Baby, Piping Hot, Den Kevans, The Celtic City Sons, Keith McKenry, Bloodwood, Tunari, Backsliders, Greg Champion, Three Bags Full, Colin Buchanan, Tiddas, Moving Harps, Five Floors Up, The Mills Sisters, Friends & Relations, Country Express, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Coolangubra, Fergal’s Fling, Gringo Stars


March 5 – 8th 1993

International: Jackie Daly (Ireland), Danny Doyle (Ireland), Stockton’s Wing (Ireland), Falderal String Band (USA), John McCutcheon (USA), Tom Russell (USA), Dave Van Ronk (USA), Julie Felix (UK),

National: Adzohu, Alex Burns & Nick Charles, Ruth Apelt, Aphrodites Glittirati, Doug Ashdown, Jane Belfrage & Simon Kravis, Blindmans Holiday, Bolivia Marka, Bob Brown, Cajun Aces, Kev Carmody, Phil Garland, Greg Champion, Chichitote, The Australian Chinese, Music Ensemble, Comhaltas Irish Party, Alfirio Cristaldo, Dicky Deegan, Geraldine Doyle, Rob Fairbairn, Feral Cats, Chris Finnen, Friends of Moira, Franciscus Henri, Hokum Gals, Hot Cafe, I Papaveri, Just Teasin’, Klezmer Trio Plus One, Leisure twins, Maireid, Mike McClennan, Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney, The Melbourne Bluegrass band, Brent Miller & John Munro, Moving Harps, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Nude Rain, Brent Parlane, Andrew Pendlebury & Doug De Vries, Linsey Pollak, Ragamuffin, Rich’n’Famous, Magret RoadKnight, Salvation Jane, Judy Small, Danny Spooner, Sundiata Marimba band, The Boola Boola Band, The Colonials, The Mojos, Thula Sana Band, Tiddas, Rick E. Vengeance, Fay White, Wild Pumpkins at Midnight, John Williamson, Wongawilli, Xylosax, Dobe Newton, Ted Egan, Dennis Lynne Tracey, Claymore, Jon Cope, Cumulus Hat, Peter Ellis, Ee-Ore’s Holiday, Full Circle, Hot Tub Family Band, Judy Howell, Michael Johnson, Richard Leitch, Geoffrey Lambourne, Bill Moran, Brian O’Donoghue, Dennis O’Keeffe, O’Kellys, Paddiwack, Piping hot, The Ragtime Big Band, Penelope Swales, Ron Thorpe, Tony Clifford, Michael & Helen Grinter, Jim Haynes, Beth Knight, Jon Madlin, Charlee Marshall, Christopher Maubach, Heather McLaughlin, Maire O’Keefe, Jan Sinclair, Dindy Vaughan, Jan Walsh, Woodtone Manufacturing, Jennie Fraine, Fratellini Brothers, Che Forest, Tim Tim, Warrnambool Pipe Band.


March 11 – 14th 1994

International: Barleycorn (Ireland), Roz Brown (USA), Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick (UK), Michael Chapman (UK), Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (USA), Vin Garbutt (UK), John Hammond (USA), Lorina Harding (NZ), Martin Hayes Trio (Ireland), Rory McLeod (UK), Brian Peters (UK), Fred Small (USA)

National: Arramaeida, Alex Burns & Nick Charles, Peter Anderson & Frank Murphy, Angel Pavement, Australian Chinese Music Ensemble, Backsliders, Alastair Black, Eric Bogle, Boodle Am Shake, Briagalong, Sue & Brian James, Vince Brophy, Colin Buchanan, Bushwahzee, Cantigas, Cantolibre, Tommy Carty, Lee Cassell, Greg Champion, Tony Clifford, Mic Conway, Dicky Deegan, Graham & Clare Dodsworth, Christian Douslager, Dya Singh Group, Ted Egan & Nerys Evans, Facial Illusion, Warren Fahey, Maria Forde, Che Forreset, Jennie Frains, Michael Grinter & Helen McGeachin, Ernie Gruner, Chloe Hall, Connor Hayes, Jim Haynes, Peter Hicks, Howlin’ Wind, Shane Howard, Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave, Martin Hungerford, Idlefingers, Dave Isom, Joys of the Women, Mike Jackson, Ian Blake, Rowan Hammond, Jugularity, Kangaroo Moon, Enda Kenny, Valanga Khoza & Safika, Kliezmania, Kym Pitman with Ibis, Le Tuan Hung, Min Ha, Lucksmiths, Jon Madin, Marco Goldsmith’s Blue Heat, Christopher Maubach, Kavisha Mazzella, Hugh McDonald, Heather McLaughlin, Barry Michael & the Acoustics and many more


March 10 – 13th 1995

International: Roy Bailey, Heather Bishop, Roz Brown, Kate Campbell, Fabio Chivanda, Guy Clark, Mike Cooper, Keith Hancock & Lee Collison, Jess Hawk Oakenstar, Helen Hayes, Josephine Marsh, Thom Moore & The Slightly Bewildered String Band, Tom Paxton, Jay Turner, Waterson: Carthy, Martin Wyndham Reid

National: Ruth Apelt, Arramaieda, Jane Belfrage, Broderick Smith, Vince Brophy, Roz Brown, Bu Bacca, Bushwahzee, Debra Byrne, Chain of Hearts, Greg Champion, Coco’s Lunch, Colcannon, Country Express, Difficult Women, Pat Drummond, Chris Fisher & The Dreamcatchers, Maria Forde, Janette Geri, Marco Goldsmith’s Blue Heat, Colin Hay, Jim Haynes, Heartwood, Franciscus Henri, Hokum Gals, Stephen Housden, Shane Howard, Howlin’ Wind, Alastair Hulett & The Hooligans, Kelly’s Revenge, Valanga Khoza, Lucksmiths, Macedonian Women’s Choir, Machitun, Mama Hoho, Kavisha Mazzella & Matthew Arnold, Mojos, Mornington Island Dancers, Moving Harps, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Nude Rain, Norma O’Hara Murphy, Dennis O’Keeffe, Pastance, Ian Paulin, Martin Pearson, Piping Hot, Red Pepper, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Setanta, Sister Moon, Sol Y Sombra, Southern Exposure, Danny Spooner, Texicali Rose, “The Bastard From The Bush”, The Borderers, The Bushwhackers, The High Notes, The Sundowners, The Whirling Furphies, Time Travellers, Tunari, Von Trapp Family Crisis, Jean Paul Wabotai, Wongawilli, Zydeco Jump.Street Performers: Christof!! , Circus In A Suitcase, Die Eisenbahn Spieler Oompah Band, Richie Rich, The Itchy Feet Pep Band, The Men Who Knew Too Much, Tim Tim. Support Artists: Amunda, Peter Baxter, Bopcorn, Margaret Bradford, Brightwater, Jennifer Cargill, Tony Clifford, Bernadette Conlon, Copper Coynes, Crimes of Passion, Cuddlefish, Noel Cutler, Derry Eire, Bill Dettmer, Christian Dolislager, Joe Fitzgerald & Helen O’Shea, Noel Gardener, Heather Goddard & The Tower Hillbillies, Enda Kenny, Life & Songs Of Robbie Burns, Little Beauty, Loch Ard, Meg MacDonald, Andrew MacGregor, Fay McAlinden, David McBain, Bill Moran, George Mordecai, Paddiwack, Ann Park, Wendy Reed, Sapphire Monkey, Greg Scott, Simpson Gillespie & Wright, Skip Sail, Kirsty Stegwazi, Still Frogs Despite Kisses, Penelope Swales, The Resonators, The Starliners, Treehouse, Brian Ward, Fay White, Helen Wright. The Folk Circus: Peter Bell, Circus In A Suitcase, Susie Davies, Geoffrey Graham, Stephen Henderson, Dave Isom, Jon Madin, Christoph Maubach, Paint A Pot, Red The Clown, The Bong Bong Hat Band, Jan Walsh, Carol Webb.


March 8 – 11 1996

International Roy Bailey, Battlefield Band, Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr, Chipolatas, Falderal String Band, Martin Hayes Trio, Chris Jagger & The Atcha Band, Penny Lang, Yungchen Lhamo, John Mc Cutcheon, Kristina Olsen, W O B, Kofi Walker

National Christine Anu, Backsliders, Steve & Ros Barnes, Peter Grayling Bongo Fury, Broderick Smith Band, Alex Burns & Nick Charles, Captain Matchbox, Kev Carmody, Bernard Carney & Peter Grayling, Chain Of Hearts, Greg Champion, Coco’s Lunch, Graeme Connors, Ted & Nerys Egan, Maria Forde, Marco Goldsmiths Blue Heat, Handpicked, Heroines Riding Bareback, Colin Hay, Hot Cafe, Imbala Dancers, Jugularity, Kalinka Enda Kenny, Killjoys, Klezmania, Riley Lee, Mara, Kavisha Mazzella , Gordon Mc Intyre & Kate Delaney, Neil Murray, Musiki Manjaro, Naked Raven, One Word… We!, Press Gang, Rebels Without A Clue, Margret Roadknight, Saunders Kane & Del, Jane Saunders Trio, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Sirocco, Danny Spooner, Sweethearts Of Swing, The Borderers, The Bushwackers, The Celts, The Preachers, The Tinkers,Tiddas, Toothfaeries, Tunari, Jean Paul Wabotai , Whirling Furphies, Fay White & White Family, John Williamson, Scott & Louisa Wise, Jan Wositzky Support Artists: Android Sisters, A Swag of C J Denis, Erle Bartlett, Jean Paul Bell Bellhops, Blackthorn Stick, Brightwater, Bronwyn Calcutt, Cammomile, Tommy Carty, Kathryn Clements, Tony Clifford, Communal Bathing, Mic Conway, Creatrix, Dandara, Damon Davies, Face In The Rain, Fiddley Bits, Wayne Gillespie, Heather Goddard, Geoffrey Graham, Chloe Hall, Jim Haynes, History As Entertainment , Lionel Holt &, Peter York, Stephen Housden, Howlin Wind, Anita Hustas, Mike Jackson, Les Ms., Loch Ard, Lothlorien, Lucksmiths, The Lucky Star Band, Dennis O Keeffe, Paddiwack, Ian Paulin, Martin Pearson, Piping Hot, Playing Up, Michelle Powderly, Pure Genius, Andy Rigby, Skip Sail, Hanna Schotten, Swik Th’ Naver Nu, Terra, the marimba belles, The Ragged Band, Lynne Tracey, Treehouse, Underwater Butterflies, Rick E Vengeance, Brian & Jenny Ward, Peter Bell, The Butterfly, Christof!,FratelliniBrothers, Loose Baggage, Paint A Pot, Richie Rich, Geoff Roberts, Francis Van Der Mark, Jan Walsh, Debbie Sonenberg

Thanks to Alan Garth for help in compiling this list. Note that some years are not yet complete.


March 7 – 10 1997

International Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura. Andy Irvine, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Inkas, James Keelaghan, Jez Lowe, Loudon Wainwright, Lunasa, Mike Cooper, Rik Palieri, Robin, Huw Bowen, Roz Brown, Sara Grey, T E L E K, Tony Geiling, Tony Mc Manus, Tracy Spring, When The Cat’s Been Spayed

National Andy Baylors Cajun Combo, Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter, Australian Harmonica Guild, Big Bag, Blue House, Boola Boola, Bronwyn Calcutt In Disenchantment, Bushfire, Cathie O Sullivan, Chaski, Chris Duncan , Chris James, Chris Wilson With, Shane O Mara, Closet Klezmer, Colcannon, Cooking For Brides, Danny Spooner, Dennis O Keeffe, Donegal Express, Doug Ashdown, Enda Kenny, Eric Bogle, Fling,, Francis Vandermark, Frank Jones & George Butrumlis, Fratellini Brothers, Gypsy Fire & Matt Fagan, Harmoniacs, Hottentot Party, Janette Geri & Friends, Jim Haynes, Jimmy Gregory & The Hoolie Band, John Beavis, Judy Small, Kavisha Mazzella, La Voce Della Luna, Lucksmiths, ‘ Machine & Date, Marcia Howard & Rose Bygrave, Masala, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & Chris Duncan, Melbourne Stompers, Mic Conway, Michael Fix, Mike Jackson With Ian Blake, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Neil Murray, Pat Drummond, Paul Kelly, Peter Bell, Phil Manning, Rebecca Hood, Rick E Vengeance, Scott & Louisa Wise, Shane Howard, Sweethearts Of Swing, T. R. A. U. S. D. E., Tangled Web, Ten Cent Shooters, Texicali Rose, The Fagans, The Habibis, The Heavenly Light Quarte, The Mojos, The O Toole Bros, The Prairie Stompers, The Three Sheilas, The Waifs, Tony Geiling, Tulipan, Vince Brophy, Xenos, Yothu Yindi, Support Artists: Andy Rigby, Angela Crebbin, Bernadette Conlon, Blue Sheiks, Brightwater, Bruce Bros Kitchen Music, Bushwahzee, Caledonia, Circus In A Suitcase, Creatrix, Damien Howard & The Ploughboys, David Cassel & Abigail Collins, Edain, Eilish O Connor, Endangered Species, ‘ Felicity’, Glen Romanis, Heartwood, Helen R, Hot Tamale Baby, Ian Blake, Jarrah, Ju Ju, Just Cruisin, Kathryn Clements, Kookie Klown, Latje Latje Dancers, Loch Ardm, Loose Baggage, Lothlorien, Mandy Keating, Motorvators, Oriel Glennan, Piping Hot, Raindance, Red The Clown, Richie Rich, Spiral Dance, Suzette Herft, The Hooligang, The Simpletons, Theatric Zoonatic, Thieving Venus, Tim O Brien, Trish Richardson, Afro Caribbean Experience


March 6 – 9 1998

International Alastair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick, Anam, Andy White, Ani DiFranco, Bert Jansch, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Chipolatas, Croabh Rua, Dan Bern, Dar Williams, Katy Moffatt, Kristina Olsen, Lunasa, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Rory McCleod, The House Band, Tom Lewis, Shooglenifty

National Acoustic Folk: Ant Mc Kenna, Azo Bell, Blue Grassy Knoll, Born Again Pagans, Bruceless Brothers, Cocky’s Joy, Headbelly Buzzard, Julia Darling, Juniper, Karen Burton, Loungeroom Legends, Marcia Howard, Muzika, Old Spice Boys, One Straw, Salty Dog, Sleight Of Hand, Straight Ahead, The Green Room, The Waifs, Us Not Them, Wongawilli

Blues, Gospel ‘n Jazz: Backsliders, Blue Jay, Damon Davies, Judy Jaques Lighthouse, Marco Goldsmith, Margret Roadknight, Mighty Servant, Ragabillys, Rick E Vengeance, Skip Sail, Slap N The Cats, Steve Tallis

Country Folk: Greg Champion, Leslie Avril, Jim Haynes, Peter Lillies Poetry & Western, Sparnetts

The Celts: Caledonia, Ceili Brogue, Cotters Bequest, Dalriada, Damian Howard & The Ploughboys, Donegal Express, Finnegans Wake, Jimmy Gregory & The Hoolie Band, Loch Ard, Maria Forde, Murphy’s Lore, Peter Baxter, The Borderers, The Mongolian Fishmongers

The Folk Rock: Chris Kenna, Greg Arnold’s Friday’s Child, Jarrah, Mc Sweeney, Naked Raven, The Lucksmiths, The Mabels, Weddings Parties Anything, Whirling Furphies

The Players: Bruce Mathiske, Free Reign, Howlin Wind Band, Invention In Time, Jane Belfrage, John Malcom, Martin Tucker & Andy Rigby, Peter Grayling, Steve Warner Band, Blindman’s Holiday

The Singers: Colin Hay, Danny Spooner, Lynne Muir & Robyn Payne, Medusa, Never The Twain, Sock, Zulya Kamalov

The Songwriters: : Frank Yamma, Jade, Jeff Lang, Judy Small, Lisa Fitzgibbon, Michael Thomas, Mike Rudd & Bill Putt, Shane Howard , Stephen Cummings, The Merri Mob

The World: Akin, Lewis & Young, Texacali Rose, Petrunka, Richard Frankland, Short Circuit, Tiddas, Yalla & The Snake Sisters

March 8 – 9 1999

International Artists Altan, Chipolatas Trio, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Christine Collister, Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, Eliza Carthy, Gjallahorn, Jackie Leven, Khalil Gudaz, Kila, Martyn Wyndham Read, Mike West, Mr Mole, Saul Broudy with Bob Green, The Wrigley Sisters, W O B, Waterson Carthy.

National Acoustic Folk: Andrew Clermont Fiddlers Festival, Cajun Roux, Cooldrinagh, Danny Spooner, David Lumsden & Brian Mooney, Jevan Cole & Seamus Kirkpatrick, Mario Lattuada & Robert Bratetich, Rodney Waterman & Doug De Vries, The Gundaguys

Blues & Jazz: Andy Cowan & Big Mamas Door, Its Your Thing, Jeannie Lewis, Jeff Burstin & Craig Horne, King Bees, National Junk Band , Pheasant Pluckers, Phil Manning, Slap N The Cats, The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Black Sorrows, The Gadflys, The Testifiers

Contemporary Folk: Cathy Mundy & Jay Turner, Doug Ashdown, Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill, Joy and Lara, Peggy Van Zalm, Wendy Rule

Country Folk: Eric Bogle, Jim Haynes, John Williamson, Johnny Huckle, Michael Fix, Nicole Brophy, Ted Egan, The Bushwackers

Crazy, Comedy & Kids: Bruce Watson, Geraldine Doyle, Marimbas, Mic Conway, Peter Combe, Rod Quantock, The Magic Pirate

The Celts: An Irish Connection, Bhan Tre, Dalriada, Fairly Lively, Finn Mac Cool Ceili Band, Fling, Heartdance, Rogan, Tartan Paddy, The Creel, The Denahys, The Living Tradition, The Mongolian Fishmongers, The Wrenboys, Tulca Mor

The Folk Rock: Fourplay, Hottentot Party, Kangaroo Moon, Menagerie, Misguided Angels, Ode To A Goldfish, Sforzando, Tukan Sam, Vika & Linda Bull

The World: Aire Flamenco, Blackfire, Chigana People, Crawfish Dave, Hot Tamale Baby, Inka Marka, Joe Geia & Friends, Klezmeritus, Los Romanticos, P N G Cultural Dancing, Peta Lithgow & Malaika, Sirocco, The African Royal Drummers, Tenzing Tsewang, Tigramuna, Tulipan, Veena Melodies, Vento Del Sud, Vika and Linda, Zydeco Jump

Hosts: Dobe Newton, Red The Clown, Rick E Vengeance, Rod Quantock, Paul Petran


PFFF March 10 – 13 2000


Artisan, Les Barker, Seamus Begley & Jim Murray, Bill Bourne, Robin Huw Bowen, Chipolatas, Mike Cooper, Felpeyu, Laurianne Fiorentino, Andy Irvine, James Keelaghan, Kusun Ensemble , Dougie MacLean, Rod MacDonald, Nomos, Mollie O’Brien & Nina Gerber, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, Colin Reid, Mose Scarlett, Chris Smither, Andy M Stewart & Gerry O’Beirne



Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers, Akasa, Kylie Auldist & Heavy Earth, Bantaba Bindi, David Beniuk, Bluegrass Parkway, The Borderers, Cyndi Boste, Steve Boyd & The Preachers, Briagolong Bush Band, Caledonia Australis, Vince Brophy, Rose Bygrave, Celtic Spirit, Greg Champion, Kathryn Clements & The Peat Fires, Coco’s Lunch, Cool MacFinn, Dalriada, Silvia Entcheva Trio, Shirley Friend, Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill , Git, Gorani, The HaBiBis, Dianna Kiss featuring Ross Hannaford, The Hornets, Hot Club Swing, Marcia Howard, Shane Howard, Bo Jenkins, Karma County, Paul Kelly, Enda Kenny & Lindsay Martin, Valanga Khoza, The Killjoys, Jimmy Little, Mara!, Kavisha Mazzella, Sandy McCutcheon, Miles From Nowhere, The Mojos, The Moonee Valley Drifters, Pigram Brothers, The Ploughboys, Neil Quinlan Band, Red Rivers & The Rocketones, Margret RoadKnight, Jane Saunders, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Kerri Simpson, Judy Small, Mal Webb, The Somethings, Spot The Dog, Dave Steel, Sweethearts Of Swing, Texicali Rose, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, Tiddas, Kerrryn Tolhurst, Trouble In The Kitchen, The Waifs, Barb Waters, Rebecca Wright, Xenos, Yasmine & The Tea Leaves

Support Acts, Adana, Andy Alberts, All Star Fish, The Big Bag Band, Blackwood, The Brown Brothers, Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton, Nellie Collins, Dan & Al, Dead Salesmen, Donegal Express, Tiffany Eckhardt, Jimmy Gregory, Highly Strung, Hip Cats, Dave Holder, Honky Trash, Jimi Hocking, Jugularity, The Lucksmiths, Bob Magor, Peter Maskell, Dave McFarlane, Mongolian Fishmongers, Cyril Moran & Greg Hunt, Mr Spin, Dobe Newton, Northumbria Down Under, Dennis O’Keeffe, David O’Neill & Jo Cresswell with Jon Jones, Kim Olsen, Oskar & Strudel, Mandy Pickett, RAtARtAt, Roundstone, Sacred Cow, John Scally, Second Line, Ananda Stillman, Penelope Swales, Systa B B & Sam G, Tartan Paddy, Danny Spooner, Rick E Vengeance

Children & Street Acts  Reg Bolton Suitcase Circus, Red The Clown, Andy Rigby, Cirque De Lurk, Fratellini Brothers, Scott Hone & Bronte Webster, The Hotties, Shep Huntly, The Magic Tent Safari Sue, Joel Salom, Shakti Belly Dancers, Kyra Smith, Campbell The Swaggy, Led Jelly, Monika Nosko, Daniel Oldaker, Francis Van der Mark


PFFF March 9 – 12 2001

International  Apodimi Compania, The Arrogant Worms, Bob Brozman, Csokolom, Flook, Gyuto Monks, The Jazz Pigs, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Liz Doherty Band, Lunasa, Ralph McTell, John McCutcheon, Rory McLeod With Aimee Leonard, Kristina Olsen, Faith Petric, Pomegranate, Del Rey, The Topp Twins, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Wob, Martyn Wyndham–Read & Iris Bishop

National  Akin, Andy Alberts & The Walkabouts, The Backsliders, Bantaba Binde, Philip Beggs, The Blackeyed Susans, the bluehouse, Eric Bogle, Justin Brady & Jo Jo Smith, Colin Buchanan, The Bushwackers, John Butler Trio, Bernard Carney & Peter Grayling, Nick Charles Trio, Claymore, Colcannon, Cosmo Cosmolino, Dancehall Racketeers, Dya Singh, Ted Egan, Richard Frankland, Fruit, Marco Goldsmith, Peter Grayling, Colin Hay, Damian Howard, The Idle Diddlies, Invention In Time, Vince Jones, Klezmeritis, Jeff Lang, Lil ‘ Fi, Manuhiri, Bruce Mathiske, Miles From Nowhere, Mongolian Fishmongers, Neil Murray, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Nabarlek Band, Ploughboys, Jan Preston, Jane Saunders, Sparnetts, Spiel Azoi, The Stiff Gins, Straight Ahead, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, Totally Gourdgeous, The Waifs, Warako Musica, Michael Waugh, Mal Webb, Peter Willey, Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne, Jan Wositzky, Zydeco Jump Support Acts: Andy Rigby, Neil Adam & Judy Turner Band, Michael Allen & The Makeshift Orchestra, The Beenies, The Bluegrasshoppers, Nicole Brophy & Jodi Moore, Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton, Cassidy’s Ceili, Australian Chinese Music Ensemble, Phil’s Flight, Patricia Clarke, Clumpy Bogg, Abi Collins, Cool MacFinn, The Dead Livers, Rory Ellis, Ethiopian Circus, Father & Son, Fratellini Brothers, Fruit Salad, Oriel Glennen & Band, Tierra Dulce, It’s Your Thing, Jigzag, Linus & Merri–May Gill, Loch Ard, Pheasant Pluckers, The Poachers, Salty Dog, Sounds Of Polynesia, The Tongan Choir – The E-Tags, Trouble In The Kitchen, Vardos, Velvet Janes, Voicepopfoible, Women In Docs Street & Family Acts  Alakazam, Angelfish, The Bell Boy, Bike Boy, Mr Boom, Bushwahzee, Christof!!, Conan The Bubbleman, Domino The Jester, Kim Kaos, Jon Madin, Port Fairy Crafts Group, Red The Clown,  Hosts, Frank Daniel, Jim Haynes, Danny Spooner, Rick E Vengeance, Fay White


PFFF March 8 – 11 2002

International Anna Ryder, Burach, Carmina, Colin Reid Trio, Dan Crary & Beppe Gambetta, Eddi Reader, Ember Swift, Eric Bibb, Fairport Convention, Guy Davis, Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, Maddy Prior & Friends, Mozaik, Patrick O’Dea, Patty Larkin, Pete Morton, Mundy–Turner, Ron, The Proclaimers, Tom Lewis, Toumani Diabate

National Akasa, Alex Burns Novelty Trio, Al Jadida, Andy Baylor’s Cajun Combo, Blue Drag, Bomba, Broderick Smith, Claymore, Collard Greens & Gravy, Dave Steel, David Hyams & The Miles To Go Band, Desert Child, Enda Kenny, Ennio Morricone Experience, Fiona Boyes, Fourplay Electric String Quartet, Gerry Hale’s Uncle Bill, Grass Roots, Greg Champion, Jan Wositzky, Jason Lee Scott, Jimi Hocking & Blue Guitar Band, Judy Small, Jugularity, Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock, King Curly, Lisa Miller & Barb Waters with The Men of Constant Sorrow, Living Out Loud, Matt Walker & The Necessary Few, Monsieur Camembert, Oxo Cubans, Phil Manning, Rose Bygrave, Ross Wilson, Sally Ford & The Pachuco Playboys, Xavier Rudd, Saltwater Band, Sforzando, Shane Howard, Slava & Leonard Grigoryan , Sweethearts Of Swing, Ted Egan, The Borderers, The Revelators, Things Of Stone And Wood, Vika & Linda, Wongawilli, Zulya

Support Acts Howlin’ Wind, Andy Alberts & The Walkabouts, Big Bag Band, Blackwood, Bostocks, Colonel Vipers Whipstick Band, Crankenstein, Dalriada, Darren Hanlon, Emaline Delapaix, Freylok, Funky String Band, Hula Wonder, Jodi Martin, Junior, Lucid, Malumba, Maria Forde, Mark Ferrie & Ross Hannaford, Martin Pearson, Merri–May Gill, Mia Dyson, Mongolian Fishmongers, Mutiny, Passionbox, Rambunctious, Slap’n’ The Cats, Stuart Lloyd, Sweet Painted Ladies, Systa B B & Sam G, Tane, Tantallon, Tartan Paddy, The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Hotties, The Lucksmiths, The Muu Muus, The Spoils, The Ugly Uncles, Those Bloody McKennas, Tiffany Eckhardt, Vince Brophy, Fay White Hosts Jim Haynes, Frank Daniel & Neil McArthur, Dennis O’Keeffe, Danny Spooner, Rick E Vengeance,

Children’s & Street Acts All Star Fish, Art Activities In The Bag, Dr Decibel, Bushwahzee, Canya Dantz, Fratellini Brothers, Mike Jackson, Musical Chairs, Phoenix Fire Tribe, Scott Hone, Ticklish Allsorts, Tim Tim, Red The Clown


PFFF March 7 – 10 2003

International Paul Brady, Kate Campbell, Tenzin Choegyal, Cara Dillon, Felpeyu, Fine Friday, Flook, Dick Gaughan, Gyuto Monks, Hickory Project, La Volée d’Castors, Harry Manx, Brendan Power, Greg Quill & Kerryn Tolhurst, Sharon Shannon Band, Shooglenifty, Ember Swift, George Telek, Topp Twins, Chris While & Julie Matthews

National The Alley Cats String Band, Audrey Auld, Banana Oil, Steve & Rosalind Barnes
The Bibbits, Eric Bogle, Cyndi Boste, Blackwood, David Bridie, Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton, Bernard Carney, cloudstreet, Colcannon, Contrabanda, Andy Cowan, Sally Dastey & The Sweet Skeptics, Doug de Vries’ Cafe Brazil, Renee Geyer, Keith Glass & Mick Hamilton, Gorani, The Great Chefs Of Europe, Harper, Jim Haynes & Grahame Watt, Heart ‘N Soul, The Hoodangers, The Hottentots, Jeff Lang, Lil’ Fi, Mic Conway’s National Junk Band, Mister Whiskers, Jenny Morris, Musiki Manjaro, Ploughboys, Randy & Jah Roots, The Revelators, Archie Roach, Margret RoadKnight, Xavier Rudd, Sambumbia, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Fred Smith Band, Spectrum, Spiel Azoi, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, To Be Sure, To Be Sure, Totally Gourdgeous, The Waifs, John Williamson, Rob Willis & Peter Ellis – The Song And Dance Men, Chris Wilson, Paul Wookey, Yalla!, Zydeco Jump

Support Andy Alberts & The Walkabouts, Art Activities In The Bag, The Beenies, Blow It Out Ya’ Brass Band, Dan Brodie & The Broken Arrows, Monique Brumby, Croque Monsieur, Dan Burt, James Butt & Fogwatch, Canya Dantz, Kathryn Clements & The Peatfires, Cole Kirkpatrick & Van Dijk, Kate Gane & The Regulators, Ned Kelly By Ashley Davies & Ian Jones, Donegal Express, Dr Decibel, Mia Dyson Band, Fatkat & Their Tuesdays, Fratellini Brothers, Oriel Glennen, Peter Gray, Peter Grayling, The Horse’s Leotard, The Houseprouds, Inish, Jyllie Jackson, Mike Jackson, Claire Jenkins, Jigzag, Los Chanelas, Lost In Suburbia, Louie & The Rustlers, John Malcolm, Tim McPherson, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Kieran Murphy, Caoilte O’Súilleabháin & Jeremy Dunlop, Ragged, Andy Rigby, Ruby’s Grace, Shock Of The Gnu, The Smallgoods, The Sommers Family Bluegrass Band, Spoot O’Skerry, Gibb Todd, Tonchi, Trouble In The Kitchen, Emma Wall, Peter Willey, Women in Docs


PFFF March 11 – 14 2005

International A Crowd Of Bold Shareman , Kim Barlow, Michael Jerome Browne, Capercaillie, Compton & Long, Guy Davis, Draíocht, Bob Fox, Janis Ian, Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch, James Keelaghan, Brian Kennedy, Jali Buba Kuyateh & Bintou Kandeh, Grey Larsen & André Marchand, The Laws, John McCutcheon, Tony McManus & Alain Genty, Madviolet, Raga Bliss, Serena Ryder, Ember Swift, Ben Weaver

National Bron Ault–Connell, The Barleyshakes, Bella, Big Snore Hammers, The Borderers, Clare Bowditch & The Feeding Set, Fiona Boyes & The Fortune Tellers, The Briscoe Sisters, Bulabos, Carus, Troy Cassar- Daley, Greg Champion, Nick Charles, Patricia Clarke & Band, Andy Collins, Commedia Academy, Conundrum, Jim Conway’s Big Wheel, Rhys Crimmin, Davidson Brothers, Dirty Lucy, Doch, Durbeyfield, Mia Dyson, Ethiopian Circus Band, Eureka, Matthew Fagan & Voyages, Festival Comedy Company, The Flamin’ Locos, Fratellini Brothers, Oriel Glennen & Band, Ash Grunwald, The Guild League, Mick Hart, Jim Haynes, Franciscus Henri, Hirst & Greene, Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, Shane Howard & The Great Southwest Band, Mike Jackson & The Flying Wombat Band, Alex Legg, Lil’ Fi, Kenny López And Havana Connection, Anne McCue, Tonchi Mc Intosh, Magic Mic, Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Nabarlek, Dennis O’Keeffe, The Old Spice Boys, The Prayerbabies, Jan Preston, Red The Clown, Andy Rigby, Rusty B, Mark Saul Band, Scared Weird Little Guys, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Skirl, Danny Spooner, Sara Storer, Stringmansassy, Those Bloody McKennas, Gibb Todd, Toe Sucking Cowgirls, Triskel, Trojan Horns, Trouble In The Kitchen, Tulca Mór with Jenny Fitzgibbon, Underbelly Trance, The Vasco Era, Rick E Vengeance, The Waifs, Waiting For Guinness, Marisa Yeaman, Zebra Crossing, Zydecats,   Street Invaders Art Activities in the Bag, Icarus Performance Troupe, Bendy Em, Circus In A Suitcase, Daniel Oldaker, Dream State Circus, Shep Huntly, Sal Kimber, Kinetic Theatre: Marquisa D’Or, Ledbouy, Marie-Claude L’Or, Madge The Supermodel, Joe May, Nick Nickolas, Out Of Morocco, Reuben Dot Dot Dot, Justin Sane, The Seagulls, The Scrubber, Sweet & Sour Circus, Ulla Taylor Pavement Artist, Andy Zap, Isobel Necessary Superhooper Miss Information, Christine Meagher, The Connies


 PFFF March 10 – 13 2006

International African Showboyz, Ann Vriend, Chipolatas, Chris While & Julie Matthews, David Francey, Gerry O’ Connor & Gilles Le Bigot, Harry Manx, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Kris Demeanor & His Crack Band, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, La Bottine Souriante, Mary Black, Mike West & Truckstop Honeymoon, Mozaik, Mundy – Turner, Richard Thompson, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Sharon Shannon & Friends, Shooglenifty, The Beez , The Black Seeds, The Wailin’ Jennys,

National Acts Andy Rigby, Aniar, Bernard Carney & David Hyams, Bill Chambers, Blackwood, Bomba, Bruce Mathiske, C. W. Stoneking, Circus In A Suitcase, Claymore, Cloudstreet, Colcannon, Colin Hay Band, Danny Spooner, Enda Kenny Band, Eric Bogle , Fahey & De Hugard, Festival Choir, Fiddlers Festival, Fratellini Brothers, Gerry Hale’s Innocent Bystanders , Get Singing, Gibb Todd, Gorgeous, Graeme Connors, Greenlife, Greg Champion, Idle Diddlies, Jaimi Faulkner Band, Jan Wositzky, Jane Saunders , Jim Haynes, Jodi Martin, Josh Owen Band, Judy Small, Jugularity, Karl Broadie, Kate Miller- Heidke Band, Lost Count Orchestra, Margret Roadknight, Martin Pearson, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & Friends, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, Mihirangi, Mike Jackson, Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys, Pigram Brothers, Ploughboys, Rebecca Barnard & The Unconscious Brothers, Red The Clown, Rick E Vengeance, Rob Sawyer, Sally Ford & The Pachuco Playboys, Sarah Carroll And The Unconscious Brothers, Shane Howard, Snake Gully, Sophie Koh, Stroll, Sweethearts, Symbiosis, The Audreys, The Beenies, The Bluehouse, The Borderers, The Bushwackers, The Coodabeen Champions, The Hog Stompin Zydegators, The Hoodangers, The Little Stevies, The Mercurials, The Somervilles, The Story Of Tower Hill, The Tank, Tiffany Eckhardt, Totally Gourdgeous, Trouble In The Kitchen, The Ugly Uncles, Vika & Linda Bull, Wagons, Whip The Mule, Yilila, Zulya & The Children Of The Underground, Big Snore Hammers, Art Activities In The Bag, Howlin Wind, Mary Fiorini – Lowell, Ratartat


PFFF MARCH 10 – 13 2006

International   African Showboyz, Ann Vriend, Chipolatas, Chris While & Julie Matthews, David Francey, Gerry O’ Connor & Gilles Le Bigot, Harry Manx, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Kris Demeanor & His Crack Band, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, La Bottine Souriante, Mary Black, Mike West & Truckstop Honeymoon, Mozaik, Mundy – Turner, Richard Thompson, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Sharon Shannon & Friends, Shooglenifty, The Beez , The Black Seeds, The Wailin’ Jennys,

National Acts Andy Rigby, Aniar, Bernard Carney & David Hyams, Bill Chambers, Blackwood, Bomba, Bruce Mathiske, C. W. Stoneking, Circus In A Suitcase, Claymore, Cloudstreet, Colcannon, Colin Hay Band, Enda Kenny Band, Eric Bogle , Fahey & De Hugard, Festival Choir, Fiddlers Festival, Fratellini Brothers, Gerry Hale’s Innocent Bystanders , Get Singing, Gibb Todd, Gorgeous, Graeme Connors, Greenlife, Greg Champion, Idle Diddlies, Jaimi Faulkner Band, Jan Wositzky, Jane Saunders , Jodi Martin, Josh Owen Band, Judy Small, Jugularity, Karl Broadie, Kate Miller- Heidke Band, Lost Count Orchestra, Margret Roadknight, Martin Pearson, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & Friends, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, Mihirangi, Mike Jackson, Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys, Pigram Brothers, Ploughboys, Rebecca Barnard & The Unconscious Brothers, Red The Clown, Rick E Vengeance, Rob Sawyer, Sally Ford & The Pachuco Playboys, Sarah Carroll And The Unconscious Brothers, Shane Howard, Snake Gully, Sophie Koh, Stroll, Sweethearts, Symbiosis, The Audreys, The Beenies, The Bluehouse, The Borderers, The Bushwackers, The Coodabeen Champions, The Hog Stompin Zydegators, The Hoodangers, The Little Stevies, The Mercurials, The Somervilles, The Story Of Tower Hill, The Tank, Tiffany Eckhardt, Totally Gourdgeous, Trouble In The Kitchen, The Ugly Uncles, Vika & Linda Bull, Wagons, Whip The Mule, Yilila, Zulya & The Children Of The Underground, Big Snore Hammers, Art Activities In The Bag, Howlin Wind, Mary Fiorini – Lowell, Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 09 – 12 2007

International Andy White, Anne Martin, Banditaliana, Boo Hewerdine With Rob Jackson, Colum Sands, Dan Crary & Don Ross, Eleanor Mc Evoy, Eric Bibb With Danny Thompson, Habib Koitž & Bamada, Keith Donnelly, Kevin Burke & Ged Foley, Laura Love, Luka Bloom, Lœnasa, Madviolet, Paddy Keenan , Ralph Mc Tell, Rory Mc Leod, Sabrina Dinan, The Mammals, Vin Garbutt,


National Anne Kirkpatrick, Ash Grunwald, Brewster Brothers, Briscoe Sisters, Christine Anu, Chubby Rae & The Elevators, Cyndi Boste, Damian Howard & The Gentle Souls, Dev’lish Mary, Duck Musique, Eilish O’ Connor, Fiona Boyes & The Fortune Tellers, Hat Trick, Jeff Lang, Jim Haynes, Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows, Joseph Tawadros’ The Oud, The Bad & The Ugly, Kate Miller- Heidke, Kelly Auty’s Wild Women, Lil’ Fi, Lior, Lisa Miller, Marcel Borrack, Sarah Carroll And Dan Warner, Marcia Howard, Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing, Rich Family, Scared Weird Little Guys, Seaman Dan, Sforzando, Shane Howard, The Flood, The Lawnmowers, The Port Fairy Gong Show, The Spooky Men’s Chorale, The Yearlings, Vardos, Waiting For Guinness, Wise Family Band, Zydeco Jump, Abbie Cardwell, Captain Darling, Carus & The True Believers, Dan Sultan, Danny Spooner, Dave Mann Collective, Festival Choir, Gibb Todd, Jigzag, Jordie Lane, Kate Fagan, Kathryn Clements & The Peat Fires, Liz Stringer, Lost In Suburbia, Matt Walters, Michael Kennedy, Oriel Glennen, Richard Tankard’s Tank Dilemma, The Barleyshakes, The Cornhuskers, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Message, The Sky Rockats, Tonchi, Tulca, Wongawilli Andy Rigby, Coodabeen Champions, Dennis O’ Keeffe, Jane Little & The Dylan Session Band, Women In Docs Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 08 – 11 2008

International Chipolatas W A Big Band, Eddi Reader , Elana James, Faerd, Genticorum, Guy Davis, Hans Theessink, Jake Shimabukuro, Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Loudon Wainwright I I I , Lucy Wainwright Roche, Mamadou Diabate, Martha Tilston, Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, O’ Keefe Olsen Grayling, Peggy Seeger, Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, Ron Sexsmith, Ruthie Foster, The Duhks, The Undesirables, Topp Twins


National  Alesa Lajana, Andy Alberts & Walkabouts, Angie Hart, Archie Roach, Arte Kanela, Backsliders, Big Rory And Ochie The Dog, A Dogs Life, Bill Jackson , Bob Fox, Boyes, Brill & Delgrosso, Brewster Brothers, Catgut Mary, Cecile Corbel, Celtica, Charles Baby, Christy Cooney & Lou Hesterman, Circus In A Suitcase, Claymore, Cloghoppers Banjo Circus , Coco’s Lunch, Collard Greens And Gravy, Dan Dinnen, Dan Sultan, Danny Walsh, Dave Arden, Dave Steel, David Ross Macdonald, , Elijah Maddern, Erin, Festival Choir, Flap!, Foley Artists, Four For The Road, Fourplay String Quartet, Fratellini Magic Marimba Band, Gibb Todd, Great Scott, Henry Lawson Songbook, If We Were Gods, Jimi Hocking Blue Mandolin Ensemble, John Schumann & Vagabond Crew, Jugularity, Kasey Chambers , Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton, Kavisha Mazzella Trio, Kazband, Lee Morgan, Lloyd Spiegel, Loch Ard, Loren And The Grow Your Owns, Lynne Moloney, Magic Mic, Malcolm Dalglish And Young Voices Of Melbourne, Mara!, Mic Conway – School, Mic Conway’s National Junk Band, Mike Jackson – Fest, Mike Jackson – School, Moonshine Jug & String Band, New Dogs Old Tricks, Nick Charles And The Blue Strings, Not The Wolf, Pirate Brides, Rant, Rose Bygrave, Setanta, Skipping Girl Vinegar , Sooper Dooper Music Show, Steven Smyth, Suzannah Espie And The Last Word, The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Bushwackers, The Charcoal Club, The Chosen Few, The Circle Of Rhythm, The Gleaners, The Go Set, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Mighty Buzzniks, The Nightingales, The Ploughboys, The Rainmakers, The Tom Richardson Project, The Ugly Uncles, The Periscopes, Tiffany Eckhardt & Dave Steele, Tiffany Eckhardt, Tripod, Trouble In The Kitchen, Weddings Parties Anything, Wheelers And Dealers, Whitley Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 07 – 10 2009

International Alan Kelly Quartet, April Verch Band, Chris While & Julie Matthews, David Francey With Craig Werth, Doug Macleod, Eliza Gilkyson With Nina Gerber, Jez Lowe With Kate Bramley, Kane Welch Kaplin, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Nano Stern, Old Man Luedecke, Peter Rowan, Preston Reed, Red Stick Ramblers, Seãmus Begley & Jim Murray, Shooglenifty, The Beez, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Shashank,


Ajak Kwai & Band, Akasa, Andy Alberts & Walkabouts, Blue Heat, Brett Clarke & Friends, Broderick Smith, C.W. Stoneking, Celtaclysmic, Ceolaras, Claymore, Colcannon, Dalriada, Damia n Howard & The Ploughboys, Davidson Brothers, Eric Bogle & John Munro, Festival Choir, Fire &Theft, Fireside Bellows, Gibb Todd, Glover & Sorrensen, Greg Champion, Jo Jo Smith, John Hudson, John Williamson, Jordie Lane, Josh Owen Band, Kamerunga, King Marong & Afro Mandinko, Kutcha Edwards Band, Leroy Lee, Lior, Little Red, Luluc, Mark Seymour, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Myra Mc Rae Band, Nick Charles, Oriel Glennen, Ross Wilson & The Urban Legends, Rusty Bucks, Sally Ford, San Lazaro, Scared Weird Little Guys, Shannon Bourne, South Of The River Community Gospel Choir, SãºNas, Ten Cent Shooters, The Audreys, The Borderers, The Bostocks, The Collective , The Currency, The Junes, The Kombinations, The Little Stevies, The Pardoners, The Pirates Of Beer, The Veterans, The Waifs, The Whelans, The Wilson Pickers, The Yearlings, Tinpan Orange, Tom Richardson Project, Tribe Of Jubal, Tripod Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus

Plus Hosts, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 06 – 09 2010


Brian Kennedy, Chris Smither, Colin Hay, Dougie Maclean, Eilen Jewell, Eleanor Mc Evoy, Emily Smith & Jamie Mc Clennan, Genticorum, John Mc Cutcheon, Josh White Jnr, Kim Richey, Lulo Reinhardt, Mairtin O’connor Band, Nanci Griffith, Narasirato Pan Pipers, Tenzin Choegyal And Monks Of Tibet, The Greencards, The Saw Doctors, The Whitetop Mountaineers, Truckstop Honeymoon, Uncle Earl, Vin Garbutt,

National Alanna & Alicia Egan Band, Archie Roach, Ashleigh Mannix, Band Of Brothers, Blue Shaddy, Bonjah, Brian Cadd, Celtic Fire Featuring Angela Little, Claymore, Damian Howard And The Ploughboys, Danny Spooner, Dereb Desalegn & Lion Of Judah, Dev’lish Mary, Ego Lemos, Enda Kenny Band, Festival Choir, Flap!, Ganga Giri, Glover And Sorrensen, Hussy Hicks, I Viaggiatori, Jaimi Faulkner, Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea, Jigzag, Jim Conway’s Big Wheel, Jim Haynes, Jugularity, Kate Vigo & The Underground Orchestra, Kavisha Mazzella Trio, Kelly Auty’s Wild Women, Kerrianne Cox, Kim Churchill, Louie & The Rustlers, Mick Thomas And The Sure Thing, Mihirangi, Nick Charles, Pete Howell, Pigram Brothers , Rafa Godoy, Rory Faithfield, Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel, Saoirse, Shane Howard, Suzannah Espie And The Last Word, Tai Chi, Tank Dilemma, The Badloves, The Craic, The Crooked Fiddle Band, The Fooks, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Message, The Pigs, The Sky Rockats, The Tealeaves, Tom Richardson Project, Totally Gourdgeous, Troy Cassar-Daley, Van Walker, Vulgargrad , Wheeze & Suck Band, Zydeco Jump, Gibb Todd, Rick E Vengeance,

Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 05 – 08 2011

International Andy Irvine And Rens Van Der Zalm, Andy White, Breabach, Christof, Crooked Still, Dark Horses , Joe Pug, Justin Townes Earle, Les Chauffeurs ‡ Pieds, Luka Bloom, Martin Simpson, Mary Black, Roisin O, Rosie Flores, Shakura S’ Aida, The Cottars, The Nano Stern Band, Tim O’ Brien Two Oceans Trio, Tony Mc Manus


National Dan Kelly’s Dream Band, David Bridie, Frank Yamma With David Bridie & Helen Mountfort, Graveyard Train, Mama Kin, Matt Walters, Sally Seltmann, The Gin Club, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Little Stevies, The Port Fairy Folk Festival Percussion Expression, The Rosie Burgess Band, The Waifs, Bob Evans, Danny Spooner, Darren Hanlon, Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier, Dennis O’ Keeffe, Festival Choir, Gibb Todd, Jordie Lane, Russ Goodear Band, Shane Howard, Tiffany Eckhardt & Dave Steel, Blue Shaddy, Fiona Boyes  & The Fortune Tellers, Joe Chindamo Band, Liz Stringer, Lloyd Spiegel, Nick Charles, Rick E Vengeance, Sweethearts, The Dingoes, Tom Richardson Project, Vika & Linda, Fiddlers Feast, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, The Barleyshakes, The Bostocks, The Bushwackers, The George Jackson Band, The Go Set, Wheelers And Dealers, Abbie Cardwell And Her Leading Men, Ali Mills, Jane Germain & The Yahoos, Jim Haynes, Kasey Chambers , Lisa Miller, Shane Nicholson, Ted Egan, Tribute To Johnny Cash, Akasa, Bombay Royale, Brett Clarke, Fotis Vergopoulos Band, Madre Monte, Oka, Valanga And Andrea Khoza, Dick And Christa Hughes, Mic Conway & The National Junk Band , Mr Percival, The Barons Of Tang Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt,, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 11 – 14 2012

International Abigail Washburn  & Kai Welch , Adam Cohen, Ahab, April Verch & Band, Battlefield Band, Ben Sollee, Beoga, Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen, Chris While & Julie Matthews, Dry Bones With Nathan Rogers, Eric Bibb, Frigg, Harry Manx, Judy Collins, Kristina Olsen, Krystle Warren, Madison Violet , Noriana Kennedy, Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band, Pierre Bensusan , Pieta Brown, Sharon Shannon Big Band, The Lonesome Rangers, Ami Williamson, Archie Roach, Blue Heat, Carus Thompson & Band, Clare Bowditch, Claymore, Dalriada, Damian Howard And Band, Daniel Champagne, Davidson Brothers, Dennis O’keeffe, Eagle And The Worm, Flap!, Fred Smith And Liz Frencham, George Kamikawa & Noriko Tadano, Gibb Todd, Gossling, Harry James Angus, Hat Fitz And Cara Robinson, Jeff Lang, Jimi Hocking, John Butler Solo, Jugularity, Kamerunga, Lanie Lane , Lost In Suburbia, Lucie Thorne, Lucy Wise And The B’gollies, Mama Kin, Melbourne Mass Gospel Choi, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Rose Bygrave & Marce Howard , Rusty Rich, Stiff Gins, Sweet Jean, The Bamboos, The Borderers, the Cartridge Family, The Junes, The Pigs, The Woohoo Revue, Tinpan Orange, Tripod, Watussi , Blackwood Jack, Blues on The Boyle, Nigel Wearne & The Cast Iron Promises, The Gathering Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Plus RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 10 – 13 2013

International  Alasdair Fraser And Natalie Haas, Arlo Guthrie, Buke & Gase, Chris Smither, Danny Spooner, Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Finbar Furey, Glen Hansard, Go Jane Go, James Keelaghan With David Woodhead, John Mc Cutcheon, Lau, Lisa Hannigan, London Klezmer Quartet, Red Molly, Ruthie Foster, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Sean Taylor, Seth Lakeman, The Popes, Tim Finn, Tuba Skinny

National Alanna & Alicia , Andrew Winton, Andy Alberts & The Walkabouts, Baby Et Lulu, Blue Shaddy, Canya Dantz, Cash Savage And The Last Drinks, Chris Wilson  Sarah Carroll And The Pirates Of Beer, Christine Anu, Cill-Airne, Dennis O’ Keeffe, Eric Bogle And The Bogleband, Famous Will, Festival Choir, Fiona Scott-Norman, Flap!, Franciscus Henri, Gibb Todd, Grace Barbž Afro Kreol, Gurrumul, Jackson Mclaren & The Triple Threat, Jay Hoad, Jim Haynes, John Flanagan & The Begin Agains, John Hudson, Kate Miller-Heidke, Keshie, Kim Churchill, Luke Legs And The Midnight Specials , Lynne Moloney And The Teacher’s Pets, Madre Monte, Mark Atkins, Matthew Fagan, Molly Maguires, Mustered Courage, Nick Charles, Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento, Pfff Percussion Experience, Rhiannon & Monique, Rick E Vengeance, Riogh, Round Mountain Girls, Russell Morris, Rusty Berther, Samba Circus, Shane Howard & The Great Upwelling, Shaun Kirk, Siskin River, Skipping Girl Vinegar , Stars On The Lake – Lake School Youth Award, Suzannah Espie, Tank Dilemma, The Bedroom Philosopher, The Bostocks, The Cactus Channel , The Great Banjo Fiddle, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Jed Rowe Band, The Little Stevies, The Livingstone Daisies, The Man They Call The Banjo, The Nymphs, The Ramshackle Army, The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band, The Sky Rockats, The Stillsons, The String Contingent, The Ugly Uncles, Tom Richardson Project, Unsung Heroes Of Australian History, Wishful, Xavier Rudd Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance Street Invaders Amazing Drumming Monkeys, Art Activities In The Bag, Big Rory & Ochie/ Giant Seagulls/ Hells Cockies, Charlotte Raven, Heidi Hoops, Jonathon Acorn , Justin Sane, Marimba Taters, Miss Australia And Her Dingo, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Mr Wizowski  , Nick Nickolas, Red The Clown, The Amazing Mr Fish, The Birdmann, The Griffini Show, Timtim, Tina Sparkle

Plus RatArtAt,, Workshops, Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 09 – 12 2014


Alaska String Band, Altan, Antonio Serrano, Blair Dunlop, Breabach, Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard, Hanggai, Jaaleekaay, Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen, Justin Johnson, Lisa O’ Neill, Love Over Gold, Lœnasa, Madeleine Peyroux, Pieta Brown, Pokey Lafarge, Rory Mc Leod, The Good Lovelies , The Greencards, The Jammin’ Divas, The Topp Twins

National Archie Roach, Ash Grunwald, Beccy Cole, Normie Rowe & The Playboys, The Stray Sisters of The Waifs, Things Of Stone & Wood, Bruce Mathiske’s Sizzling Strings, Danny Spooner, Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier, Jack Carty, John Patrick & The Keepers, Marisa Quigley, The Tealeaves, Chris Wilson’s Crown Of Thorns, Daniel Champagne, David Bridie & The Pills, Eddy And Blues On The Boyle, Mama Kin, Margret Roadknight, The Recycled String Band, Ben Salter, Dog Trumpet, J V G Guitar Method, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission, Oh Pep!, The Damian Howard Band, The Tiger And Me, Tom Richardson , Hot Club Swing, Mic Conway’s National Junk Band, Rapskallion, Sammy J, The Band Who Knew Too Much, The Man They Call The Banjo, The Twoks, Totally Gourdgeous, Danny Spooner, Festival Choir, James Griffin, Marilla Homes, Rick E Vengeance, Gleny Rae Virus And Her Playboys, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, Rick E Vengeance, Shane Nicholson, Tequila Mockingbirds, The Flying Emus, The Pigs, Claymore, Cole & Van Dijk, Imogen Brough, S‡Oirse, S‡Sta, Tolka, Bobby Alu, Grace Barbe Afro- Kreol, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, Tuurann, Yirrmal And The Yolngu Boys, Celia Pavey, Ginger And Tonic, Jane Thompson, Melody Pool, Nick Charles, Suzette Herft And The Heartstrings, The Mae Trio

Support Benny B – Der Chef!, Big Rory & Ochie + The Giant Seagulls + Mystery Act, Bikerina, Ding Dong, Yvonne Calling!!, Flying Heart Productions, Jacques the French Waiter, Justin Sane, Marimbataters, Marquisa D’or, Mr Fungus, Mr Qwirk, Mr Wizowski, Timtim, Tina Green Circus, All Day Fritz, Amazing Drumming Monkeys, Art Activities In The Bag, Heidi Hoops, Jack & Molly, Mr. Acorn’s Dilemma, Red The Clown, Samba Circus, Tina Sparkle, Beyond High Street, Stars On The Lake, Buddha In A Chocolate Box, Christopher Coleman Collective , Gallie, Michael Waugh, Rach Brennan, The Folksinger & The Poette, The Likely Celts, Jim Haynes, Jackie Kerins, Bill Kearns, PFFF Percussion Experience, Regina Lane -Saving St Brigid’s, Tai Chi, RatArtAt,


PFFF MARCH 08 – 11 2015

International  Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas  , Ash & Bloom, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Charlie Musselwhite , Chris While & Julie Matthews, Edwina Hayes, Gordie Mac Keeman And His Rhythm Boys, Himmerland, Lake Street Dive, Maru Tarang, Richard Thompson, Ross Ainslie And Jarlath Henderson, Ruth Moody, Sharon Shannon Band, Sinžad O’ Connor, Steve Poltz, The Chipolatas, The Gloaming, The Heartstring Quartet, Tom Mason And The Blue Buccaneers, Whitetop Mountaineers

National Ajak Kwai, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Ami Williamson, Aniar, Bearded Gypsy Band, Bobby & The Pins, Catherine Britt, Chris Tamwoy , Christine Anu, Davidson Brothers, Enda Kenny Band, Fiona Boyes & The Fortune Tellers + ‘Blues & Blessings’ With Rev Steve Clarke), Fiona Ross Band, Frank Yamma, Frankie J Holden And Wilbur Wilde, Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson, Jan Preston’s Boogie Circus, Jeff Lang, Jenny Biddle, Jo Jo Smith, Jodi Martin Band, John Butler Trio, Jordie Lane , Justin Bernasconi, Kamerunga, Karavana Flamenca, Kieran O’ Connell And Shanakee, La Mauvaise Reputation, Lamine Sonko & The African Intelligence, Lucy Wise Trio, Luluc, Mark Seymour & The Undertow , Marlon Williams, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Michael Fix, Microwave Jenny, Mike Brady , Nick Charles, Oh Pep!, Perch Creek, Roesy, Shane Howard, Siskin River, Skipping Girl Vinegar , Sky Scraper Stan And The Commission Flats, Steve Smyth , Stray Hens, Sweethearts, The Baker Suite, The Black Sorrows, The Company, The Orbweavers, The Yearlings, Tracy Mc Neil & The Goodlife, Trouble In The Kitchen, Wagons, We Two Thieves, Zeon, Zeptepi  Regular Hosts: Danny Spooner, Jim Hyanes, Rick E Vengeance   Plus Hosts, RatArtAt, Workshops, Street Invaders & Family Folk Circus


PFFF MARCH 11 – 14 2016




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