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The 2018 Friends of the Festival Volunteer Applications open August 31.

The Festival could not take place without the support of our wonderful Friends of the Festival volunteers.  There are many positions available during the event so be sure to let us know your particular field of expertise or interest in your application.  Please note however that your application does not necessarily guarantee you a position and/or your first preference, as we receive many applications and vacancies are limited. Unfortunately we are unable to provide accommodation for volunteers – you will need to organise your own.

Volunteers will receive a weekend pass and a free Friends of the Festival T-shirt in return for working 10 – 12 hours across 2 or more shifts.  Successful applicants will be notified by November 30.  Before you apply please read our volunteer code of conduct and general ticketing terms & conditions.

If you are a returning volunteer, please email [email protected] first to indicate your willingness to return.

If you are volunteering for the first time, please fill in the application form below.

To apply to be an MC or Stage Manager, please do not use this form. Go to the MC SM APPLICATION PAGE.

Positions which may be available may include:

Handles everything artist related, from check-in, site information, transportation requests, back stage & green room assistance, and problem solutions. Patience and public relations skills are a must. Volunteers should be able to deal with high stress environments.

If you enjoy food preparation and customer service, you may like to assist the local hospital provide meals to the public. Volunteers would ideally have a current Food Handling Certificate and must be 18 years or older. Volunteers should expect a hardworking and fast paced environment and to be on their feet and mobile throughout their shift.

The Music & Merch Shop is the place where CDs and other merchandise of the festival and its performers are sold. Artist signings and some sales also occur in satellite booths following performances. Volunteers must have customer service and sales experience, a friendly nature, and be comfortable working with the public.  Crowd control and shop decor/window dressing experience would be an advantage.  The ability to lift up to 15kg is required. There are a limited number of pre and post-festival positions available.

This crew answers general questions about the festival, the site, and the neighbourhood as well as selling festival souvenirs, operating lost & found, feedback/complaints registry and message centre. A background in customer service or public relations, familiarity with the local area and cash handling skills are a must.

It is your role to ensure smooth foot traffic control and ensure patrons and other personnel follow the correct scanning procedures to enter and exit the festival grounds easily and safely.  Excellent people skills, powers of observation and a friendly, welcoming attitude are a must!

This role is to exchange tickets for wristbands, answer questions, and problem solve at Southcombe Park Stadium. It’s your job to make the experience as smooth and as pleasant as possible. Experience with the public and customer service is an asset. Volunteers should expect to be on their feet and mobile for most of their shift.

The Venue Ushers are the eyes and ears of any festival. Through supporting the festival’s security team, Venue Ushers are vital to the wellbeing of the ticket holders and the smooth running of any venue.  Duties range from crowd management, offering assistance and giving directions, clearing rubbish between concerts, replenishing backstage supplies, watching out for hazards and fires and reporting any concerns to the security team. This work is very rewarding, a great way to meet new people and most of all see what goes on behind the scenes of a music festival.

The Venue Supervisor manages the front and back stages of each venue.  Duties include securing backstage entrances and controlling authorised access, supervision of venue assistants, working in conjunction with MCs and Stage Managers to control crowd movement as the venue fills, managing backstage supplies and to ensure patron and performer comfort within venues. Strong leadership skills, crowd control experience and specialised training are required.

For further information, please contact the Festival Office at [email protected] or 03 5568 2227.

To apply to be an MC or Stage Manager, please go to the MC SM APPLICATION PAGE.


Volunteers Application • FOF 2019

Welcome and thanks for taking time to apply! The Festival could not take place without the support of our wonderful Friends of the Festival volunteers. Please note that your application will not necessarily guarantee you a position and/or your first preference, as we receive many applications and vacancies are limited. Successful applicants will be advised November 30.

For further information, please contact Margaret Whitehead or Natasha Mills at [email protected] or 03 5568 2227.

Note: This form is not self saving. If you navigate away from this page before submitting, your information may be lost. All fields marked with a * must be addressed to submit your application.




  • Please state your age. We need to consider your age to assist planning and placing volunteers into the most suitable areas.
  • At times we may need to consider gender to match a job to an appropriate area.

    Enter name of your emergency contact details. If not available now this can be updated later.
  • Tell us of any health issues that may be relevant to your work - eg bad back?

    Volunteer Friends of the Festival need to be available for scheduling for the duration of the festival. Hours required may be from Friday 8am until Monday 5pm. The session times will be allocated as required.
  • The volunteers requirement is a minimum of 10 to 12 hours but tell us if you wish to do more hours. We really appreciate the extra help.

    Please select your preferred position from the following list. We will aim to allocate you to a preferred position if available, however this is not always possible.
  • Select up to three options from the following choices: Note: For MC or Stage Manger roles - Do not use this form. Please use the MC SM APPLICATIONS FORM.

    Let us know of your previous work at festivals, events or the arts & entertainment industry.
  • Tell us about any previous experience you have in volunteering or working at other festivals or events.
  • Indicate when you worked at PFFF

  • Tell us about experience, skills, certificates, qualifications you have.
  • Please give details on other skills or particular certificates, qualifications you may have. eg Special Licenses • Trade Certification • First Aid • 
  • Please indicate your T-shirt size (N.B. all T-shirts are men's sizes)

    Please submit after reading the Volunteer Code of Conduct.
  • As a volunteer for the Port Fairy Folk Festival, the following conditions apply:
    • Volunteers who have committed to volunteer hours will receive a weekend pass on registration.
    • No financial payment will be made by the PFFF for your volunteer services.
    • Volunteers must be over 18 years of age at the time of the festival.
    • Volunteers must be prepared to commit to at least 10 - 12 hours of work in exchange for a weekend pass.
    • We expect that you will complete the duty hours allocated to you. Anyone who fails to honour their volunteer commitments without a valid reason will have their pass revoked and any future applications will be turned down.
    • You must complete the tasks assigned to you as outlined by your Volunteer Manager or any other member of the PFFF staff or Committee.
    • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances whilst on duty will not be tolerated at any time. Anyone found to be under the influence of either will have their pass revoked and any future applications will be turned down.
    • PFFF Public Liability Insurance will cover you only while you are assisting at the festival.
    • You must let us know of any medical condition which could affect your duties as allocated.
    • You will need your active mobile phone contact number at the festival in case we need to contact you urgently.
    • In addition to abiding by our Volunteer Code of Conduct you must adhere to the Ticket Terms and Conditions of Entry on our website www.portfairyfolkfestival.com
    • You agree to organise your own accommodation.
    • Thank you for your support.

    Many thanks for your time and application. You will receive a confirmation email with more information. We will notify you of the outcome by November 30.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.