About The App

The App is ready to go to help you plan your weekend.

  1. Download the app from Playstore or Itunes. (just search Port Fairy Folk Festival)
  2. Tap on the app shortcut that has been created.
  3. There are a couple of ways to browse:

– Choose a day and begin your wander through the program.

– The listings appear in time order so that you if you are at a loose end, you can tap on and see who is coming up next.

– If you know who you want to see, simply go back to the start screen and the search option is in the top RIGHT of the screen.  Enter the name and you will go to the artist’s page which lists all their performance times over the weekend.

– Choose the performance time/s you want and add them to your My Events.


Tap on any photo on the home screen and swipe left or right, or push the + or -, to either add or dismiss an artist and see the performance times so you can choose to add them to your My Events

To view your My Events, go back to home screen and tap on the top LEFT of the screen, choose My Events and they will all be listed.

The app will add ALL your choices into the My Events calendar so please check that you do not have any clashes.

To remove an event, choose and then tap on the tick.

Please note that all the individual artists times are on their listing and you can easily see when they are playing over the weekend.  For artists involved in special events, the start time of the EVENT is the time that will show on the artist’s listing as the start time for that artist i.e. John McSherry is performing in Exile which starts at 7pm so that is the time shown on his listing.

Special events are listed in the Program Grid so you can see who is performing at each one.  Finish times are listed on the grid as well to help you avoid clashes.

Of course, any changes to the program will be automatically updated ASAP.

Once you have added all your artists into your My Events, you are good to go.  Or, you are also good to change your mind and find something completely unexpected.  Either way, there is much to enjoy.

Have a great Festival everyone.

The Port Fairy Folk Festival Team