Yoga Loves Music

Presented by Kimberly Erin & Tom Richardson

A yoga class for ALL levels. Paired with a soulful blend of contemporary live grooves, weaved with traditional mantras and heart wisdom, a workshop that is known to inspire & ignite joy that lasts long after the festival is finished and the tent is packed! Fast becoming a regular favourite at PFFF, True Spirit Revival’s workshop combination of live sound and a yoga practice fuelled on waves of vibrational soundscapes & collective breath, invoking the highest connection to our true essence and awakening of mojo!
YOGA LOVES MUSIC is an invigorating hybrid of live performance and physical practice. This fusion spans genres and moods, sometimes leading to spontaneous dance but other times inviting soulful moments of quiet contemplation. It’s a natural marriage between two disciplines that, at their core, are designed to bring about freedom from within & a sublime state of mind. This merging of the sonic and the physical, while not devoid of ridiculous moments, marks an evolution in the way we experience yoga!
All levels welcome! Byo mat.

Yoga Loves Music

Kimberly Erin & Tom Richardson

Canadian-born, Yoga Alliance Certified Chakra instructor, Kimberly Erin met Australian musician, Tom Richardson, at a festival in Canada sparking the culmination of two exciting art forms. Tom uses the latest in loop pedal technology to create a mesmerizing wall of sound, all live on stage. The two believe that liberation through joyful engagement is key in creating more meaning in our lives.

Sat & Sun 9am – 10am • Railway Stage  (Reardon Theatre – if weather not suitable)