W. Benjamin Lindner

Book launch: Blarney Books and Art, Sunday 1pm, 10 March, 2019

Benjamin Lindner is a criminal barrister with a long-standing fascination with the life and times of Waltzing Matilda which has culminated in Waltzing Matilda – Australias Accidental Anthem. There, he explores the how, why, when and where A.B. Banjo’ Paterson collaborated with his fiancée’s friend, Christina Macpherson – having only met her a matter of days before they spawned the song. Criminal barristers often declare that fact is more bizarre than fiction; the factual origins of Waltzing Matilda are no exception. In an effort to debunk ‘fake’ historical claims, Benjamin takes a forensic approach, laying bare the evidence, and along the way he discovers some new twists to a story dating back to 1895.  In the end, you, the reader/jury are left to decide just how, why, when and where Australia’s accidental anthem came to be composed.