Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission

Raconteur, troubadour, balladeer and poet, Mick Thomas is best known as the song master of pub-rock icons Weddings Parties Anything. His band the Roving Commission features Squeezebox Wally on piano accordion and a rotating schedule of talented performers to keep the party alive with Mick’s unique mix of folk, roots and country. Mick’s ever-evolving talents as a writer and performer defines a career as intriguing as it is enduring. 2017 saw Mick release his new album These Are The Songs, focusing on his solo career; as well as his autobiography, These Are the Days, the story of an inspired and uniquely Australian creative force that covers his life in music from his days in Weddings, Parties, Anything, until now. In a Port Fairy exclusive, Mick and the band will launch their new album Coldwater DFU at the Festival, followed by a national tour.