La Busca

La Busca is the passionate sound of an all-female tango ensemble, backing the enigmatic Argentinean singer, Juan Veron, who hails from the thriving milonga scene of Buenos Aires. The sextet is a danceable, orchestral tango experience who plays traditional and Australian tangos. “Gorgeous, sparkling and ebullient tangos from the 1930s Golden Era, a dash of Piazzolla, lyrical and nostalgic Porteño vocals; all eruditely and expertly executed. A hush fell over the audience in the milonga triste” – Andrew James, pianist/founder, Colectivo29, Tango Collusion Trio. Vocalist Juan Veron is accompanied by Amy Lynch (piano/accordion), Kirsty Pittman (guitar), Elise Winterflood (double bass), Jessica McLachlan (flute) and Paloma Bica (violin).