• Mr Qwirk – STREET INvaderS

Mr Qwirk has delighted audiences the world over with his unique style of physical comedy and his minimalist approach to theater. Armed with little more than the expressions in his face, his innate body language, and an unnerving self-confidence – a world where the absurd and the sublime collide, bringing laughter and smiles to all.


Fri 6.00pm Flag Circle  
Sat 12.30pm Flag Circle  
Sun 11.00 am Flag Circle  
Mon 12.00pm Flag Circle  



• The Miserable Little Bastards – fr•IN•ge 2012

The Miserable Little Bastards are an old-school throwback for the modern-day fallout, performing depression-era show-tunes for the new global recession, proving not much has changed, nothing ever really changes and it’d still be nice if we all had a bit more spare change. Their debut album “Misery Loves Company” will make YOU very happy indeed.
Fri 10.00pm Surf Club
Sat 7.00pm Lighthouse Cafe CD Launch
Sun 1.30pm Fiddlers Green
Mon 11.00 am FOLKworX

• Uproar! & The Technicolour Dream Bear – STREET INvaderS

Watch for the stunning Technicoloured Dream Bear ambling his way through the festival this year. His spectacular, irredscent colours will leave you amazed and remind you of the magic of the Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Look out for the kings of the jungle as UpRoar! roam around the festival. These two cheeky, talking lions and their stilt walking lion tamer get in to all sorts of mischief. Whip cracking lion tamer Finnius has a hard time controlling his magestic lions, Lionel and Ritchie. This is a highly interactive act for all ages, so come up and give them a pat and hope that the lions’ don’t try and groom you with their tongues!


Fri 7.00pm Arena Rove
Sat 11.00 am Arena Rove
Sat 7.00pm Arena Rove
Sun 1.00pm Arena Rove
Sun 6.00pm Arena Rove
Mon 12.00pm Arena Rove





• La Cossas Nostra – STREET INvaderS

Kiki and Amelia met in 2005 in Ibiza, where they were both students undertaking an intensive three month workshop of clown at Bont’s International Clown School.  Dedicated to street theatre and live performance they have together developed and presented acts for cabaret, corporate events, festivals and theaters. Mixing circus with physical comedy and drawing on absurd realities and the repetitive splintering of the fourth wall, they aim to create high energy, hilarious and cutting edge acts.


Fri 7.00pm Flag Circle
Sat 1.00pm Flag Circle
Sun 1.00pm Flag Circle
Mon 10.00 am Flag Circle




• Circus Elements – STREET INvaderS

Special Unicycle Patrol – Severe budget cuts to the Police Force have halved the bicycle unit. And now they must ensure they raise enough money to keep their jobs. Officers will be on the lookout for the flimsiest excuse to issue a fine. Civilians may also be subject to a random unicycle stunt which has no function, but allows the officers to impose their authority. No one is safe. Bribes are welcome!


Fri 7.00pm Arena Rove  
Sat 5.00pm Arena Rove  
Sun 11.00 am Arena Rove  
Sun 2.00pm Folk Circus Area  
Mon 10.00 am Arena Rove  




• HMAS Heidi Hoops – STREET INvaderS

Heidi Hoops loves to play with hoops and ropes. Youn may have seen her perform at Sydney Hoopla Festival, Sydney Childrens Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Linz Festval or even here at Port Fairy Folk Festival. She loves teaching loads of people to hula hoop and do other crazy circus stunts at festivals and circus schools like Circus Monoxide, Circa, Circus Arts Australia.

Sat 10.40 am Folk Circus Floor
Sat 1.30pm Flag Circle
Sat 4.00pm Folk Circus Area Hula Hoops
Sat 8.00pm Flag Circle
Sun 11.30 am Flag Circle
Sun 3.00pm Folk Circus Area Hula Hoops
Mon 11.00 am Flag Circle

• Strings on Fire – STREET INvaderS

Award winning Australian entertainers, Strings on Fire, combine sophisticated circus stunts, live music and captivating fire performance. Australia’s most dangerous musical duo! Be enthralled by this unique mixture of music, breathtaking stunts, comedy and physical theatre that leads the audience on an exciting romantic journey.

“There is nothing else like this around anywhere in the world.” Dave Chameleon, MC at The Snakepit, Glastonbury Festival 2009

Mare (Rachèle Wildmare) is a leading violinist and physical performer.  Her partner Nellie (from Finhead Stunts) is a daring circus stuntman & top fire performer who also plays violin.  Together they have performed 3 world tours, and many more shows around Australia.  Their show has been said to deliver “a glorious moment of the heart”.

Winner – Event Entertainer of the Year, BTPublishing e-awards, 2008 (Australia)

Winner – CitySearch Best in the City Award, 2009 (Sydney)



Fri 8.30pm Flag Circle  
Sat 8.30pm Flag Circle  
Sun 8.00pm Flag Circle  
Mon 10.30 am Flag Circle  

• Chris O’Neill – fr•IN•ge

At just 23, Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Chris O’Neill is already an accomplished singer/songwriter.  Winning songwriting competitions and performing overseas as a teenager, Chris has since supported artists such as Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors) and Ian Moss (Cold Chisel), and is joined on stage by some of Melbourne’s hottest up-and-coming players.

www.chrisoneill.com.au     www.facebook.com/chrisoneillofficial

Fri 10.00pm FOLKworX  
Sat 12.00pm Surf Club  
Sun 3.00pm Surf Club  
Mon 12.00pm Surf Club  


• Fraser A. Gorman – fr•IN•ge

Fraser A Gorman is a performer with an old world style incorporating everything from 1920’s chain gang and gospel hymns to modern garage-country hip shakers. He is influenced by early dustbowl singers like Lightin’ Hopkins, Woody Guthrie and Son House as well as modern troubadours such as Justin Townes Earle, Frank Fairfield and Josh T Pearson. Onstage Fraser performs with his wonderful 3-piece band consisting of acoustic and electric guitar, violin, blues harp and sweet harmonious vocals. Don’t miss this captivating musician when he appears live and in person at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2012.


Fri 9.00pm Surf Club
Sat 3.00pm Fiddlers Green
Sun 2.00pm RSL Hall The Mix Open Stage
Sun 10.00pm Surf Club




• Melva vs Salvador – fr•IN•ge

Having formed at the beginning of 2011, Melva vs Salvador came together to create cool textures, spacious atmospheres and a mesmerising performance. Lead singer, Sheree Duncan’s enticing lyrics combine with the straining and raw melodies of violinist Mel Herbert, guitarist James Stewart Dyson and keyboardist Chris Morris. Each member brings their own persona and charisma to the music resulting in a unique flavour of eclectic lounge. With a quirky and captivating on-stage presence, Melva vs Salvador is always sure to seduce.


Sat 10.00 am Railway Stage  
Sat 8.00pm Reardon Theatre  
Sun 3.00pm Fiddlers Green  
Sun 11.00pm Surf Club  
Mon 10.00 am FOLKworX