Full Swing • frInge – winners “Stars on the Lake” award

The  2015 Stars of the Lake award winners are four talented girls playing and singing a fresh approach to folk, Celtic and acoustic music. With their sweet vocals and harmonies, fiery fiddle playing and a swinging rhythm section, this quartet will melt your heart one minute and have you grooving the next.

Ballarat musicians, Ari Lane (vocals & cajon) & Rhiannon McArthur (vocals, guitar) are joined by Adelaide fiddler Caity Brennan and Camperdown bassist Jordy Hickey to create another fine band – the 9th from this highly successful initiative of the annual Lake School at Koroit.

Stars on The lake (Previously Paddy O’Neill Award) is a project of the Lake School of Celtic Music conducted in Koroit each january. It provides high potential young musicians with an opportunity to work together, perform and record. There have been 8 previous award winners with many participants going on to be successful members of popular festival acts including Tolka, The Mae Trio, Maggie Rutjens and others


Family Folk Circus • Samba Circus

The Samba Circus is a hands-on musical antidote to the digital age. Their shows and workshops combine circus and songs with the percussion wizardry of Steve Schulz in an exciting mix that has children singing, dancing and playing together. While tailored specifically for school-aged children, the Samba Circus invites heaps of audience involvement and is suitable for every member of the family who enjoys having lots of fun.

Samba Circus

Harmaniax • frINge

The Harmaniax…create a unique blend of Cajun, Zydeco and Blues inspired music. Geoff Le blanc (The Le Blanc Brothers) brings true Cajun royalty with his Cajun Accordeons and those original bayou tunes that flow from him like his Cajun blood…Paul Jonas (Fire & Theft) one of Melbourne finest violin players, melds his unique style to bring a truly original sound that you can kick yer heels up to. Nick Thorpe ( Pryerbabies) drives the music with his beautiful double bass and voice, Billy Abbott (Crawfish dave) on lead vocals, soulful clarinet and snappy washboard brings a wealth of Zydeco/Cajun experience and Duncan Philips on Guitar and vocals hails from the Shetland Isle where he played with some of the great fiddlers. So now that we have been introduced…if you’re interested in this music and culture, we guarantee to entertain you and make you dance.


STREET INvaderS • The Picnic

Out of the Pocketfool picnic basket springs food for the ears! Toot a banana, squeeze a sandwich or a rattle a mango. Bang on a biscuit tin or whoop it up with a set of spoons. Let’s cook up a musical feast together! The Picnic is a hilarious interactive show for all the family featuring all the best things in life: food, fun, music, and sensational outfits.


Alister Turrill • frINge

It would be a generalisation to group 21 year old Alister Turrill with other young roots players. His style blends a true form of blues with complex song writing seldom seen in someone so young. Alister has unleashed his debut album ‘Reverence & Resonance’, a collection of original, raw, passionate and honest songs. Recently Alister won the Geelong Folk Club’s Rick Merrigan Music Award, and will be joined on stage by Jaron Mulholland (Bass) and Toby Johnson (Drums).


The Willie Wagtails • frINge

The Willie Wagtails play raucous dance jazz that smells like the bush.

Fast paced and irreverent, they take influence from colonial folk songs, New Orleans dixieland swing, and Australian trad-jazz, following the fine example of Melbourne bands such as The Hoodangers and The Band Who Knew Too Much. Their songs will captivate you with stories of grimy cities and creek-side rendezvous.


Street INvaderS • Gramophone Man

Gramophone Man resurrects all those great sounds your grandparents used to love on 78. Using genuine His Master’s Voice wind up gramophone players, the GM plays all the songs from the 20′s 30′s and 40′s that you don’t know you love, and some that you wish you’d never heard. Combine this with his over excited dancing and suave between song patter and you have a unique and often hilarious show.