Geoffrey Graham • Workshops

A Theatrical entertainer, Geoffrey has a long history of packaging one-man shows into a unique format. EG Ratbags and Romantics, A Taste of the Outback, and Are we there yet  His ’Banjo’ Paterson impersonation show The Man from Ironbark still remains his masthead-with glowing testimonials from many people including Ted Egan.

His latest show, We’ll Meet Again, looks at World War One through the eyes of a digger retaining Geoffrey’s unique perspective as the character tries to make sense of the great war. Provides entertainment for schools, festivals; conducts performance seminar /workshops and comperes.  Geoffrey has produced 2 books and three CDs.

CJ Dennis  – Geoffrey will be performing with Stephen Whiteside presenting a CJ Dennis performance celebrating 100 yrs since the Sentimental bloke reared his head. This production also involves Jim Haynes, so these three blokes; have this genre well & truly covered.