Full Swing • frInge – winners “Stars on the Lake” award

The  2015 Stars of the Lake award winners are four talented girls playing and singing a fresh approach to folk, Celtic and acoustic music. With their sweet vocals and harmonies, fiery fiddle playing and a swinging rhythm section, this quartet will melt your heart one minute and have you grooving the next.

Ballarat musicians, Ari Lane (vocals & cajon) & Rhiannon McArthur (vocals, guitar) are joined by Adelaide fiddler Caity Brennan and Camperdown bassist Jordy Hickey to create another fine band – the 9th from this highly successful initiative of the annual Lake School at Koroit.

Stars on The lake (Previously Paddy O’Neill Award) is a project of the Lake School of Celtic Music conducted in Koroit each january. It provides high potential young musicians with an opportunity to work together, perform and record. There have been 8 previous award winners with many participants going on to be successful members of popular festival acts including Tolka, The Mae Trio, Maggie Rutjens and others