Dori Freeman


Dori Freeman’s album is the kind of country-folk record that hits you like a train: stunningly gorgeous, lyrically rich and so thoughtfully executed it seems it must be the work of an artist with years of releases under her belt. Yet the 10-track, self-titled album is Freeman’s label debut. Produced by Teddy Thompson, son of folk legends Richard & Linda Thompson, Dori Freeman features an all-star cast of backing musicians (including producer Thompson himself).

The self-titled first studio album from 24 year-old Dori Freeman, announces the arrival of a wonderful new talent.  A quintessential Americana album, Raised in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia among a family of musicians, Freeman says she is forever marked by her rural upbringing but also wants to bring a contemporary stamp to her music.  “There’s something about seeing two completely contrary things together that I’ve always been really attracted to,” Freeman says.  “The sound definitely centers around juxtaposition for me.”

She creates music the listener can luxuriate in with gorgeous arrangements, a distinctive new sound, she is a singer/songwriter that Americana has been awaiting. Dori Freeman has arrived.

The United States Consulate General Melbourne would like to congratulate the Port Fairy Folk Festival and the role it plays in celebrating the rich tradition of American Folk music and showcasing outstanding American Folk artists to Australian audiences, and awarded a grant to support the festival.