A range of exciting art and craft workshops for festival children takes place at CraftworX in the Children’s Arena. Studios are decorated with colorful satin banners and contain tables of equipment and materials. There are five workshops running at a time, including a, “SPECIAL activity area for children 5 years AND UNDER, along with their carers”. Children will make and take home something artistic, useful and educational. Be on time so you can register for your chosen activity.

Registration for activities is 10.00 am Saturday and 10.00 am Sunday for all workshops that will take place on the day of registration. Registration is not needed for the 5 and under activities. These children will simply go to the signed area for their activities at the times listed below and begin.

For registration:

  • Children line up in front of tables provided for their chosen activity.
  • It is preferred children are present at registration for fair distribution of places.
  • Work shoppers will receive a tag listing their name, contact phone number, activity and workshop time.
  • Remember: choices become limited as spaces fill.
  • Parent/adult supervision must be present for children under eight, whilst participating in the workshop.

We cater for up to 1000 individuals across two days. Please register one activity per child per day. This insures a fairer distribution of activities to the festival children. If however workshops are not filled a second activity will be offered.

CRAFTworX Times:


Registration – 10.00 am


  • 10.30 am – 11.30 am
  • 11.45 am – 12.45 pm
  • 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
  • 2.15 pm – 3.15 pm
  • 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Children will leave the activity area once they have finished their project. Some children are faster than others, not needing the hour allocated. So PLEASE make clear arrangements with your child/children regarding pick up or meeting place.

We are sorry to families who have missed out. You are encouraged to make regular enquires throughout the day. Spaces can become available when registered participants don’t show up or when some participants finish early.

What’s on at CRAFTworX

For The Little Ones – 5 years and under

For the very young this year children will be offered a variety of activities that they can come and go from, offering some time out from the busy music scene. There will be paper stars to make and decorate, add a string and it can be hung. Decorate paper crowns by adding jewelled stickers and colourful bits of contact. Fine motor skills will be challenged by threading yarn to make a pom pom or threading pre-cut shapes to make a necklace.

Parents need to accompany their children and are encouraged to join in helping out with their little ones creative endeavours.

Hula Hoops

Children will be supplied with a blank hoop and plenty of colourfully decorated contact, which children will cut into strips. The contact is then twirled round and round decorating the hoop. Then plenty of time and space to practice.

Tie-Dye Silk

Children and parents are going to love this. Explore the beautiful effects tie dye has on silk fabric. Using marbles, pebbles, match sticks and rubber bands to create decorative effects that tie-dye is known for. Each piece will be unique and quite surprising. Your piece of fabric can be used as a hanging, headscarf, or anything you can imagine.

Juggling Balls

Balloons are cut and stretched over a small sack of grain, creating a strong and colourful juggling ball. A set of three will be made. An experienced juggler will share their knowledge and pass on the simple steps needed to learn the much-envied skill of juggling, then its practice, practice and more practice!


Lanterns again will be a popular activity for children wanting to participate in the Sunday night parade. The theme of the parade this year is the Milky Way. Using bamboo cane and tissue paper, children will create a lantern patterned with as many stars as possible to create a sea of stars, the Milky Way. Lantern makers will be given instructions on where to meet on the Sunday evening. They will join in with Lanterns made by local school children, a truly spectacular and memorable event for all that participate.

Paper Stars

Stars made from paper bags is an activity full of possibilities. Using plain white bags that have been patterned and decorated, then glued and trimmed. Magic then happens as the bags are expanded and pulled together to form a 3D star. String will be added so the star can be hung in pride of place.

Felt Coils

Pure Merino wool in its raw form and dyed into a rainbow of colour will be felted into a long coil. These coils will set the imagination running with possibilities. Children will be shown how the simple coil can be transformed into bracelets, hair ties or with needle and thread the start of a little bowl or coaster.


Lizards and Platypi are made from a heat hardening pliable material, brand name, Modeline. Children will follow the very clear directions of instructors to produce lizards or platypi. These cute little creatures will delight, with each one being their own unique character. These creatures will need to be oven baked and collected during the day they have been made. Children will be given times that they can collect their lizard or platypus.