Franciscus Henri • 2013

Since recording his first ‘single’ in 1971 Franciscus has recorded over twenty titles for adults and children. Although choosing to concentrate on music for children, he has moved between the two genres, having been mentored in his early career by Spike Milligan and Sydney Carter.  He has performed extensively in theatre, radio and television and presented concerts throughout Australia and internationally in London, Boston and Singapore. Franciscus, accompanied by Philip Gardner on guitar, joins the PFFF for a fifth time since its inception, performing for both genres.

Andrew Winton • 2013

Multi award-winning songwriter and lap slide specialist Andrew Winton shows you how a cypress tree root from Alabama became the Lucky 13 double-neck, 13-string lap monster, in an innovative and captivating display of acoustic music, suburban songstories and vocal mayhem! Andrew is known for his warmth, humour, and stellar musicianship. He is also recognized for diverse musical styles with influences ranging through blues & roots, folk, jazz, gospel, funk and country/bluegrass. Fresh from international and Australian touring for his awarded new album, ‘Happy’.

The Livingstone Daisies • 2013

What happens when two of Australia’s best young songwriters team up through their mutual love of Scotland’s Teenage Fan Club to create sun drenched harmonised guitar pop?  Liz Stringer & Van Walker, along with Cal Walker & Michael Barclay (Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls) join voices to produce The Livingstone Daisies, a band of four incredible singers, harmonising & rocking out in equal measure. They’ve been likened to the jangly guitar folk rock of Big Star; with the same bittersweet edge to kick-start the summer & welcome the sun back in style.

Madre Monte • 2013

Madre Monte’s sound is representative of Colombia’s unique culture, a marbled ancestry of African, Indigenous and European descent; a product of a long and dark history of colonization, slave trade and migration. They have cleverly discovered the perfect unison between these Afro-Colombian styles and their cousin and neighbor, reggae. Through their music Madre Monte give a history lesson in traveling sounds, rhythms, instruments and the power of music to stay true to its roots yet adapt accordingly to new environments.

The Nymphs • 2013

An addictive blend of big band bombast and haunting nostalgia has seen The Nymphs kick their matching heels into the hearts of audiences around Australia. With a powerful vocal sound born in the bars of Melbourne, The Nymphs (Jane Hendry, Clare Hendry, Kelly Day and Bek Chapman) have reinvigorated the a capella genre. After a well-received debut EP in 2010, The Nymphs accompanied two Rockwiz tours, performed at MONA, and have worked with a host of artists such as Pinky Beecroft and Henry Wagons.

The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band • 2013

The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band loves the old-time, junk shop, sepia-toned hits found in your great-grandfather’s record collection. They get off on good old music, playing trad-jazz tunes and drawing on the styles of Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, C.W. Stoneking, and Tom Waits, The Royal Jelly Dixieland Band have applied good ol’ spit ‘n’ polish, reinventing old world sounds for today’s audiences.


The Skyrockats • 2013

With 2010’s album “Space Girl” flying out the doors and new tracks already in the can & cooling down, The Sky Rockats have hit the stratosphere and are fast making their way towards interstellar space. With Slim, Tim, Billy & work experience student Johnny belting out their 1950’s rockabilly in true 21st century style, the trip that just won’t quit hits it’s straps once again. So get ready & rested for a seismic shockwave that’ll leave you howling for more!

Chris Wilson & The Pirates of Beer • 2013

This mighty band wrought havoc at the Shebeen Bar at Port Fairy in March 2009, with a screaming crowd of thousands demanding encore after encore! They have consistently drawn huge crowds at Tamworth Country Music Festival and have also appeared at Brunswick and Apollo Bay Music Festivals. Chris Wilson is currently promoting his new album ‘Live At The Caravan Club’ and will break a bottle over the bow at PFFF 2013.

Christine Anu • 2013

Arguably Australia’s most successful female indigenous entertainer and one of the nation’s most popular recording artistes, backed by an award-winning repertoire spanning across music, theatre, dance, film, television and children’s entertainment. Her illustrious career over two decades boasts seven solo albums, sell-out musicals, Hollywood blockbusters, and high-profiled collaborations with showbiz and musical luminaries such as Baz Luhrmann, David Hobson, Paul Kelly & The Wiggles. 

Riogh • 2013

Six-piece Celtic-Australian band Riogh, is steeped in the lively musical traditions of Ireland. Their music is passionate, transcendent, physical and sublime. Where they perform, audiences are swept along on an undercurrent of energy; a vocal and musical tour-de force which is joyful and compelling, subtle, and original. Be it a classical Irish ballad, a traditional jig, a Henry Lawson lyric or a contemporary pop song, the band gives it the Riogh treatment. Here are songs of love and loss, of hearth and homeland; musical expressions of the human spirit; songs for modern times, which draw upon the wisdom of a culture rich in values and meaning.