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MEDIA  APPLICATIONS – Online Form is Closed – send immediate inquiries to Media Manager – Email to  Media Manager


    • Interviews with artists prior to or after the festival can be arranged through the Media Services Manager
    • Email to  Media Manager


During the festival, performer interviews are arranged through our Media Centre which will be on site in The Arena.


Artist Bios & www : Click Here      Artist Images : Email to Media Manager


Media professionals may seek media accreditation for PFFF via a simple online form below to register details. This will help us provide the best media services experience and smooth the way and efficient provision of appropriate media passes, access, information and follow up. Please read the festival Media Guidelines.

> Who can apply?
The festival will accredit only a limited number of media and not all applications can be approved. As a general guideline we define the media as the journalists, photographers, editors or producers who have a verified and specific editorial assignment to cover the festival for a specific media outlet (print, radio, TV) covering stories on general entertainment, music, news, travel, etc.
> A completed application does not always mean approval will be possible.

• there is a limited allocation available.  There is a one only pass policy per approved media staff.
• accreditation is open only for staff of recognised media organisations.

> Who is not eligible?
• private or commercial projects will not be approved.
• freelance photographers, bloggers, reporters without a valid & verified assignment are not approved.
• freelance photographers who would be selling images are not approved.

> The festival aims to get its story out as best possible and gives priority to:
• the major daily newspapers • television news • radio services • weekly news and magazines • established music press • significant music websites

> The festival appreciates verified results
• accredited media are expected to demonstrate that they will publish content about our festival in the weeks leading up to the event, and/or publish coverage of the festival in the days following.


# 1  Read the Guidelines as outlined below  # 2 Complete the online application by deadline: February 20th # 3  Wait for an approval to be sent by email  #4 Make sure we have all details for ticketing & access