Drum, Dance & Vocal Workshop For All Ages

Presented by King Marong & Afro Mandinko

Take part in this dynamic workshop where you will be swept up by the irrepressible rhythmic energy and skill of King Marong and members of Afro Mandinko. They will take you through their influences from across West Africa, from coastal Gambian highlife to deep Saharan desert blues, which is underpinned by the deep roots of the traditional rhythms and melodies of their Manding heritage. Put what you learn in to practice later on in the afternoon as they take to Stage 2, which is dance friendly.

Tango Dancing

Presented by La Busca

Led by Juan Veron, this workshop encourages human connection through movement and music. There are no restrictions on who can enjoy the dance; tango dancing is in essence about moving in synchronicity with a partner to the music. It is not necessary to bring a partner, as participants will regularly change partners during the workshop. Both complete beginners and experienced dancers are welcome.

Body Percussion Workshop

Presented by Greg Sheehan

Learn to create your own rhythms and music through clapping, walking and number games with brilliant rhythmist and teacher Greg Sheehan. Greg will take you through a myriad of elements including polyrhythms, creative games, improvisation, rhythmic numbers and patterns (diamonds theory), culminating in a thrilling group rhythmic experience.

The Genius Of David Bowie On The Ukulele

Presented by The Thin White Ukes

Thin White Ukes will teach you a well-known David Bowie song on ukulele, arranged in parts including chords, strumming, fingerpicking, bass and melody lines that respect it’s composition. Then join The Thin White Ukes for a song at the Thin White Uke Off later in the day as they honour David’s timeless genius with small but perfectly formed arrangements for three precision ukuleles and devastating three-part vocal harmony.

Enhancing Health With Music & Songs

Presented by Tonchi McIntosh

Tonchi works as the Male Health Regional Facilitator for the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service, providing support to nine community clinics in some of the remotest areas of Australia where people are experiencing the highest rates of morbidity in the western world. This video/pictorial presentation shows how he is working with First Nation people of the Kimberley, using respect and a shared love of music and song to help develop male health strategies for each region that are cultural, grassroots, engaging, educational, empowering and self-sustaining. Includes an acoustic performance by Tonchi and special guests.

Sea Shanty Singing


Presented by The Southern Ocean Sea Band

The Sea Shanty workshop and following Sea Shanties at the Wharf pays tribute to festival legend Danny Spooner. The workshop is chance for people to learn about the history of settlement on Victoria’s south west coast, and to also learn the songs and be in fine voice for the Shanties at the Wharf on Saturday afternoon.

Irish Set Dancing & Family Ceilidh

Presented by Marie Brouder

Marie loves dancing – all kinds of dance – especially Irish. It’s energetic, fun and everyone is smiling or laughing as they dance. Over the years Marie has taught workshops and called na ceilithe (dances) at the National Folk Festival, National Celtic Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, Turning Wave Festival and has taught for the past eight years at the Lake School in Koroit. Join Marie for a series of dance workshops preparing for the fun of the Family Ceilidh on Sunday night, featuring a live all-star Ceilidh band!

Gospel Singing

Presented by Kerri Simpson & guests


Kerri Simpson is one of Australia’s finest singers. In addition to her trademark blues performances she has also led the resurgence in the utter joy of gospel singing in Australia. Over these two workshops you will learn some of the songs that will feature in Sunday night’s Port Gospel Session, which you are welcome to participate in