2017 Festival

To Uke Or Not To Uke That Is The Question?

Saturday Night Country House Concert ABC Local Radio Port Fairy Sessions Podcast and so much more…

Excitement is brewing once again in the program office, and we want to hear from YOU! It just seems like yesterday that our gorgeous subscriber community came up with the Ukulele Ceilidh. We are in full swing again and would love to know whether you would like to have a craic at making the Ukulele Ceilidh bigger for 2018 or whether we should pick another instrument for a mass ensemble? Just think a flock of accordions? A school of tin whistles?

If you would like the Ukulele Ceilidh to fall in to the suite of traditions, or have another instrument in mind that we should focus on please email [email protected] and let us know…

Early Bird Tickets

Early Bird tickets will go on sale on 8 September, and we will be announcing a selection of our artists and events to whet your appetite very soon, along with the link to the ticket site. 2018 will see some more incredible collaborations with artists from Australia and abroad which will draw on our own rich cultural history. The program is shaping up to truly reflect how music is such a magnificent art form which inspires joy and reflection and is a narrative of the times.

We are also delighted that our 2018 festival image will be the second in a pair of works by Reg Mombassa, inspired by our beautiful village and festival. We will be unveiling this very soon.

In 2018 once again, we will have visual arts exhibitions and a diverse array of workshops. As hinted we will be having a series of dance work shops …. now for the cryptic clues … think dance luminaries ….. Clive James, Magda Szubanski and the late Larry Ward… dancing for all ages, all skills and most importantly for fun!

Saturday Night Country House Concert ABC Local Radio Port Fairy Sessions

ABC Local Radio have just released the full recording of the Saturday Night House Concert from Stage 5. Hosted by Felicity Urquhart and featuring Folk Uke, Neil Murray, Sarah Carroll, Skeleton Club, Dori Freeman, Mick Thomas, Melody Pool, Suzannah Espie, Barb Waters, Kerri Simpson and Alison Ferrier, Willie Watson, The Scrims, and Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart, it’s a truly talent-packed, spontaneous and heartwarming listen. You can listen to the concert here.


Felicity Urquhart and Neil Murray – photo by Tex Miller

The Festival Experience

From the glories of designing special events to the all-important task of addressing audience movement, we work hard to ensure that everyone has a chance to see all the artists they want. In 2018 we need all members of the festival community to work with us to eliminate the days where people can mind several seats at a time and/or gaze at a device or newspaper whilst they wait for an act or artist who is on in hours …. now this just isn’t the true folk etiquette …… Imagine if you are the artist on stage and you are performing to someone fixated on a device or newspaper right at the front, and to top it off they are minding seats? Imagine if you are a person who loves the artist on stage and can’t get in because said person is adamant that they are just minding seats for a minute … and the minute turns in to hours… we’ve all got to find our inner folk spirit and truly enjoy and share the festival experience. We will advise you of our new strategies shortly, it will be gentle and respectful and will ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy the festival.

Calling All Songwriters – It’s Time To Get Paid!

APRA/AMCOS Performance Reports campaign will be ending soon, and they have asked us to help getting word out to songwriters. Submit your Performance Reports by 31 July to get paid for playing live. Just log in to your account and let them know when, where and what you’ve played and they’ll do the rest. Not a member? It’s free to join. Head to apraamcos.com.au to sign up and start earning.

Port Fairy Folk Festival

– behind the scenes and up front and centre

A snapshot of what makes this festival so special

In 2017 the Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee commissioned a mini documentary to be made to highlight the many special attributes of this extraordinary event. The 41st Port Fairy Folk Festival continued the tradition of celebrating music, arts, culture and community. This documentary gives you a snapshot of the camaraderie of the volunteers, the special place the festival holds in the hearts of artists and audiences alike, and what this event means to the sea side village of Port Fairy. It is a unique story and one that is worth telling. We hope you enjoy and discover just that little bit more about the festival.

Produced by The Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee
Filmed & Directed by John Handby
Interviewer: Derek Guille, Port Fairy Folk Festival Ambassador
Artwork: Reg Mombassa

Food & Craft Stall Applications opening in September

We will keep you posted on the opening dates.